The Site

Welcome to punked, a small website for one happy foodie named Khursten Santos. Moved by complex noodle dishes such as Laksa and the humble flavors of zarusoba, it is almost by fate that what was supposed to be a graphic design blog became a foodie blog. Well, right now, it’s a bit of a portfolio/you get to know Khursten a little more blog. It’s been long over due. It’s about time she should be writing about things she’s been eating and doing.

A Punked Noodle’s Kitchen

Me and my best friend! Kitchen duties started early for Khursten. In fact it started on one of those festive Christmases when her parents would ask her to do the chopping duty for the dish they’re preparing. From small potatoes, minced onions, and slivers of pork, she got used to cutting things and has grown to befriend their home’s chinese cleaver. It went on for two years until she got the main task of cooking the Christmas spaghetti. Now, she does the entire menu for their family gatherings.

If she wasn’t a historian, she would have done her life reboot as a chef. She still wishes to learn the fundamentals of cooking and hopes to study in a cooking school someday. Just so that she wouldn’t have the mistake of cutting out one of her fingers.

Why punked noodle?

She wishes she knew better, but it was supposed to be related to a picture of Gorillaz’ guitarist, Noodle. The original concept for this site was a portfolio for one punked individual with an asian flair. But at that time, one of her favorite dishes, the Laksa, was one that she described as “punked noodle”. For whatever reason, it may have been fate that the name was chosen. In the end, Khursten’s just a noodle addict. (among other things…)

Some credits

Images used in the header was photographed by me. The two illustrated images on the header are by Yamashita Tomoko’s Don’t Cry Girl, and Nakamura Asumiko’s illustration in the anthology Moedanshigatari.

Any photographs used in this website is usually mine unless specified that it came from a different source.