The Author


Kristine Michelle “Khursten” Santos is an Assistant Professor at the Department of History and Japanese Studies Program in Ateneo de Manila University. Her areas of study include gender, cultural history and studies with a particular focus on youth culture in Asia. 

She has written and presented on comics and boys love culture for various conferences and academic publications. Her latest publication is titled “Disrupting Centers of Transcultural Materialities: The Transnationalization of Japan Cool through Philippine Fan Works” published at the journal Mechademia: Second Arc.

She has been actively writing about manga and Japanese culture in her website, Otaku Champloo, since 2006. Her endless rambling about manga led to contributions to websites such as (Banana Fish Roundtable), and in the now defunct Mangacast. It eventually led to her career studying comic cultures in the region.

This website,, is a personal website that features her love of travel and food. 

For more information about her research, visit her profile.

When Khursten is not studying manga, she challenges her palate by hunting for awesome restaurants or cooking a new recipe. When called for a conference, she takes time to enjoy her travel a bit before jetlag disrupts her body rhythm altogether. She also loves BL. She is a fujoshi.