It’s time for the 2016 BL webcomic roll call

Yes gaiz. It’s almost August. If you stalk me well enough, you know that August is the time when this site goes crazy. This year, it’ll be wilder for reasons that I will only reveal on the 801. 
For now, I’m calling all you fujoshi and fudanshi to lend me your awesome powers in finding the best BL webcomics you’ve read in the last year! Share with our fellow fujojos the BL webcomics that made you squee, crai, and loved dearly n the last year! Make sure that the comic you shared has not been listed in the 2012, 2013, and 2015 BL webcomic lists. 

As for what counts as a BL webcomic, any comic that highlights some form of romance between boys or men counts. BL does stand for ‘boys love’ but I’m not strict when it comes to the genre. Over the last few years, the BL webcomic recs have been pooling a diverse set of works that explores amazing representations male homosexualities as written by various creators from all walks of life. So I’ll take every rec granted it’s a BL comic that is easily accessible online. 

In return, this year, I’ll be giving away to a lucky contributor a copy of Takarai Rihito’s illustration book: Mirror! 

If you want to contribute, you can leave a comment below, send me (@khursten) a tweet of your rec with the hashtag #801blrec, or e-mail me (check my About page!) with the subject [801BLRec]! Contributions will be entertained only until 31 July 2016 23:59, US Eastern time. 

Looking forward to your recs, fujojos!! 

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