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Favorite Manga Reads for 2014

2014 was a very busy year for me. The bulk of my research was done during this year and in terms of manga reading, I actually spent more time catching up or reading manga related to my research more than reading all the new manga […]

36. In Clothes Called Fat

I knew exactly what the book was going to talk about and I wanted to see how Moyoco Anno would pull off this fragile title about women and their body issues. There’s brutal honesty In Clothes Called Fat. I wasn’t ready to see that in a manga.

[Exhibit] Manga Realities: The Art of Japanese Comics Today

I have been more excited about this than the Kingdom of Characters display (I had tons of things to complain about that one!) and more so, when I saw this in the Japan Foundation Magazine, back then, they only hide five series on display. And […]