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My favourite manga reads in 2016

  2016. What a year. It’s been a tough year for many of us and personally, it was a challenging one. I was so busy with the last stretch of my dissertation that I hardly read any manga at all! When things finally slowed down […]

44. Oshaberi wa asagohan no ato de

I sometimes wonder if becoming a historian is just a haughty excuse to “gossip” on people’s lives. Well, technically, they’re dead but, not gonna lie, I love reading biographies of living folks too — if TMZ and Daily Mail clickbaits count. Hollywood and Hiddleston aside, […]

#27: Takemitsu Zamurai

Sometimes, it takes a well-paced story and some mad swishes of a brush to make me feel excited over an age old feudal tale. Eifuku Issei and Taiyou Matsumoto’s has a masterpiece with Takemitsu Zamurai.

#26: Sex Nanka Kyoumi Nai

In this age where sex has lost its magic, Sex Nanka Kyoumi Nai highlights our disillusion, our entertainment, and our ongoing love and hate affair with sex.

Oishnbo MMF: The Final Dish & Oishinbo Legacy

I feel like this week came and went and as I wrote my last few articles, I really hadn’t realized that the week was almost over. I actually thought that I had written so much (many of them have been written prior to MMF), but […]

Oishinbo MMF: 7 Unlicensed Food Manga Worth Looking At

This was a difficult set to write because it was difficult to whittle down the list to seven. This week/month, I’ve been reading various food manga and here are the seven titles that I enjoyed… right now. I have a feeling that if I read […]

MMF: Spotlight: Oishinbo

The first time I entered an izakaya (Japanese pub) in Manila, I was quite surprised that they had a small bookshelf filled with manga. Back then, I was appalled that they didn’t have Prince of Tennis or Naruto but they did have a treasure trove of classic […]

Adachi returns to Meisei 26 years after Touch

While this may be old news, it’s still a thrill to see the illustrations for Adachi Mitsuru’s new title in Gessan called Mix. What’s awesome about this is it’s in many ways a sequel to Touch but since it’s happening 26 years after Tacchan’s Koushien win, it’s […]

Scouting for Legal Online Manga: Sig Ikki

I am a print baby and I would sooner read my manga in print than in front of the computer. I will admit that since I am in front of a computer most of the time due to work, I cannot help but stray for […]

The Tale of Three Tezuka Ladies

It’s hard to imagine Tezuka with heroines. People often associate Tezuka with heroes like Astroboy (Atom), Black Jack, and Buddha. In the last five years, the most fervent of readers would possibly have heard of Sapphire from Princess Knight. Unless you’re Japanese, she is a […]