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34. The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

I have my fair set of expectations when it comes to my favourite authors. The fact that I consider them my favorite entails a kind of resonance, a hive mind of sorts where you just know what kind of title to expect whenever they release […]

#801MMF – Fujojocast no. 1: Not enough BL in the world!

Right-o! Put three fujojos in a room and they talk about pr0n. Even in a skype chatroom. For the 801 MMF, I’m happy to share some time with Anne Lee from Chic Pixel and Jocelyne Allen from Brain vs. Book to talk about something close […]

#801MMF Spotlight: BL’s New Wave

When a couple of Japanese BL scholars went down to Manila, I spent a good week with them – interviewing local female artists and getting to know BL fans in Manila. During down time, they had a chance to ask me, “What kind of BL […]

2012 manga were awesomesauce

Wow. What a year. As compared to last year, 2012 was good to me — very good to me. However, because it was good to me, it also meant it ate my time. Lots of my time. Particularly, my champloo and manga reading time. In […]

Spotlight: Yamashita Tomoko

Spotlight: Yamashita Tomoko

Just where did January and February go?! I promised myself in my last spotlight that I will make a point in writing 12 spotlights for this year, but here I am in March writing my first spotlight! Que horror! That said, starting the spotlight again […]

Sneak Peek at 2011 Manga Taishou List

Sneak Peek at 2011 Manga Taishou List

It’s Manga Taishou season again and I haven’t even started reading Therma Romae (once… I find my copy somewhere). Out of all the award ceremonies, I tend to enjoy the selection in Manga Taishou because these manga do not disappoint at all. Some awards tend […]

Stalking mangakas

I am shameless. Very shameless indeed. I have been wanting to do this for the longest time but it’s only this afternoon that I actually managed to add some of my favorite mangakas over twitter. I was hesitant at first and added only those that […]