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  • Food trips

    Never too much meat in Porteno

    When my friends and I were planning their holiday in my ‘hood, my friend N bluntly said, “I WANT MEAT.” N was on a long holiday with her relatives in Melbourne who…

  • ramen no tabi

    More than tonkotsu in Sokyo Ramen

    The thing about ramen shops near Sydney’s CBD is that most of them are tonkotsu ramen shops. Not that I don’t love tonkotsu but I know there are other ramen broths…

  • Recipes

    Mushroom Namul

    So when I moved to Australia, I made a commitment to eat healthier and live a little healthier than I used to. It helps that fast food in Australia is a…

  • Blog

    Having a Golden Gaytime

      Somehow I’m the queen of subtext in my recent posts but my god if you gaiz think of other things, you are so rude! But summer is officially over in…

  • Features Travels

    Manholespotting in Japan

    Sounds awful coming from me but trust me, it’s not the kind of ‘manhole’ you’re thinking of. I’m referring to the awesome manholes you’ll cross while walking around towns and cities…