A Burger Celebration

Today’s National Burger Day! A great fun day to celebrate these juicy meats, sandwiched between supple buns, possibly glazed with ketchup, maybe even topped with lettuce, some pickles, and cheese. Oh prudence, don’t stop me from overindulging and getting a nice big cheeseburger with everything on it. I’m not exactly a burger person at most (I’m a fried chicken and noodle person more), but occasions like this, it’s nice to enjoy a bite or two from this meaty treat.

While I celebrate this day by having a bite, at Serious Eats’ A Hamburger Today, they’re celebrating National Burger Day with rhythm and rhyme as they compiled a bunch of funny haikus submitted by their readers. Of the lot, my favorite was this…

You once were a cow
Now you are a burger
Tasty little cow

Have a nice burger day today!

2 thoughts on “A Burger Celebration

  1. Your a friend chicken and noodle person? O_o

    Hehehe. Anyways what is the picture? The infamous MegaMac of Japan or just the ubiquitous “regular” Big Mac?

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