Oishinbo MMF: Manga Foodie Podcast

Put four mangavores (Ed Chavez, Erin Finnegan, Noah Fulmor, and myself) in a show talking about food manga, Japan’s foodie culture, and the future of food manga and you’ll definitely have another batshit crazy edition of Mangacast and Ninjaconsultant shenanigans.

I greatly apologize for some recording trippings. ;3; podcast n00b much!

File Download: Manga Foodie Podcast

Opening theme: Sora from Chuuka Ichiban
Ending theme: To all you dreamers from Yakitate!! Japan!

The Manga Foodie Podcast Index

00:00 – 1:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Popularity of Food Manga in Japan   
04:00 – Anpanman as Food manga?  Manga before for Oishinbo 
06:00 – “U” & The “Chi” Food Manga Crossover
11:17  – Hatsukoi Lunch Box
12:00 – Naruto Kyaraben
14:00 – Elements of food manga
15:03 – Melon Spaghetti from Kishoku Hunter
17:58 – Ramen Manga
22:22 – The need to say something is delicious in Japan
27:03 – Favorite Food Manga (Erin: Kitchen Princess, Ed Chavez: Addicted to Curry)
30:00 – Chew & Bambino Corps. Police
32:48 – Are American readers ready for food manga? 
36:00 – The issue of terroir in following food manga recipe
38:00 – Experiencing food manga through cooking or visiting the restaurants
44:00 – Manga-themed cafe in Japan
46:13 – Future of Food Manga
51:13 – Possible food manga licenses (not by Vertical, okay!): Shinya Shokudo, Kodoku no Gourmet, What did you Eat Yesterday (Kinou Nani Tabeta)
56:50 – Drops of God, support from the wine community
1:00:00 – Mario Batali supporting Bambino?
1:05:00 – Hulk smashing food, Thor tenderizing hammers?
1:07:00 – Coffee, milk tea, cafe boom (Hyougemono)
1:08:00 – End

You can listen to more of Erin & Noah’s podcasts in Ninja Consultant. Erin’s a regular contributor in ANN with Shelf Life too! Ed Chavez is all over the internet under Vertical but you can catch his fangirling in his tumblr, or go through archives of his old podcasts in mangacast. You can all follow us at @khursten, @mangacast, and @erinf on twitter.