Celebrating 10 years with Sushi Cake from Sweetness and Lightning

For all the glorious things that happened in my life, this blog, Punked Noodle, random as it is, has changed my life in both crazy and amazing ways. I remember buying this domain 13 years ago thinking that it’ll be a site to experiment with graphic design. It was the big thing back then, before everybody transformed their sites to blogs and portfolios. I realised that I enjoyed blogging about food a lot hence, ten years ago, this site changed and became my little online journal about my gourmand life. Since then, I’ve met friends, gone to places, cooked and ate the most amazing food I have ever imagined. I never expected to hold on to this for ten years. Slow and steady as it is, I’m happy that I still have this space to share my love for food and travelling to people!

Sushi Cake from Sweetness and Lightning

In celebration, I decided to share a cake! A sushi cake!

This cake comes from my current favourite manga/anime series, Sweetness and Lightning (Amaama Inazuma) by Amagakure Gido. It’s such a lovely series with recipes that are so simple to cook. The simplest of which was this amazing sushi cake. Yes! A sushi cake! It’s even simpler than okonomiyaki! Or even pancakes! As a person who leans towards savory things, there’s no easier savory cake than this!

[yumprint-recipe id=’8′]

Sushi cake by layers! (sorry about the bad gif!)

This dish was so fun and easy to do. If you have a rice cooker, you’d barely break a sweat with cooking the rice. If you’re feeling lazy, you can possibly buy cooked rice or microwaveable Japanese or Jasmine rice. What’s important is you press down the layers evenly. In fact, they have an awesome tip for that from Sweetness and Lightning — use the bottom of a flat glass!

Sweetness and lightning ch.23
From Sweetness and Lightning ch. 23! Read this from Crunchyroll Manga!

To be honest, you don’t have to do it with the ingredients I mentioned. Think of it as your okonomi rice cake, choose whatever ingredient you want to put in it. You can add your own ingredients, like classic sushi ingredients like cucumber or avocado. Maybe make a taco rice sushi cake. What I won’t suggest is using actual fresh fish since that might easily spoil the cake. Any cooked ingredient will do. In fact, I wouldn’t mind having this with bacon bits. What I will suggest is to not use bulky/tough ingredients. As you cut your cake, you don’t want the fillings to fall apart so just make sure the fillings are easy to cut with Damascus steel chef knife and can manage to hold its own shape.

My choice of ingredients. From salmon flakes (upper right), shredded omelette (lower right), mushrooms (lower left), and spinach namul (upper left).

I love this dish! There’s something almost indulgent about sushi cake but it’s a lovely break from the usual sushi and onigiri. I am so happy to have crossed this in Sweetness and Lightning and I am more than happy to share this with all of you. Also, if you’re feeling stressed lately, this Biscotti Weed Strain Review might help you.

Punkednoodle 10 years Illustration
Eating all the things in the last 10 years! Super thanks to my lovely sister imo for this illustration!!

To be honest, how I wish I can share this dish with all of you in person. As friends can attest, I love testing food with the help of food test kit and cooking for people and as long as I have access to a kitchen or an open flame, I’m more than happy to cook all kinds of meals for you. At best, this is the best place where I can share with you the awesome food I’ve eaten. So, even if I’m an ocean or a pokestop away, I am so grateful that you joined me in this blog for the last ten years! I hope you’ll continue to join me in my silly gourmand life. I have no idea where I’ll be but here’s hoping we’ll have fun in the next ten years!

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