Keeping warm with Tantanmen

When it rains like this, I say, it’s about time I talk about noodles, again.

See, nothing else warms me up on a really cold and damp day other than a hot bowl of noodles. And it’s not just hot noodles. It’s got to be the soupy kind. The kind where the broth lines your throat with its yummy goodness and it’s got more than just its temperature to keep you warm. So it’s not just the heat we’re talking here. It’s also about the spiciness. And when spice is concerned, currently, I’m dreaming of nothing but Maruchan’s Tantanmen.

Served with a thick spicy pork broth, tantanmen is smothered in chili and sesame oil with some ground beef, maybe spring onions and egg on top. I’m honestly drooling by just narrating those ingredients down and I think my stomach is protesting on why I’m not eating this noodle dish right now ((Honestly, I’m just lazy)).

The flavor is close to curry because of the intense flavor and spiciness of the broth. But I know as much that it’s not exactly like curry because it doesn’t have curry in it. At most, the flavor of the pork broth melding with the beef, noodles, and spring onions is divine. There’s a balance in the heat and the spiciness and the noodles serves as a perfect medium to take in all those flavors in a bite or a slurp.

It’s perfect for this kind of weather. The kind of comfort food that warms your gut and even helps you break a sweat.

Tantanmen costs around Php260 in Maruchan ramen. And now that the weather seems to settle a little more, I think I’ll grab my keys and get myself another bowl of tantanmen. Maybe even add menma to my noodles. I’m sure that bowl will keep me warm for an entire night.

Restaurant Tip

Maruchan Dining
2282 Chino Roces, Makati City
Just across Makati Cinema Square and Little Tokyo.

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