Morning Taho

I was a little more than amused today. Getting my body clock right on track (trust me, it hasn’t been easy lately) got me to hear that familiar call from my childhood.


It’s been a while since I’ve heard this. And just like the time when I was a kid, I ran downstairs, grabbed a mug and asked the guy to fill up my mug with some nice warm taho. I must admit that I always find it mouthwatering and exciting to see the taho guy fill up the cup with taho to the cup’s rim, sprinkle some sago and douse the white globs with rich caramel sauce. The most fun part is asking for the dagdag for the sago and the caramel.

It’s been a while, but I say, having taho in the morning is awesome.

5 thoughts on “Morning Taho

  1. Agrees with nina!!
    I didn’t see taho seller for a long time!!(it used to hang around near sango before…I wonder where he went)
    I want tahoooooo~~~(>_<)

  2. i miss eating taho. vendors aren’t allowed to venture into the compound, and we live quite far from the street so i never get to see/ hear if there’s a vendor walking outside.

  3. For whatever reason, taho sold by those vendors shouting out Tahhooooo are yummier than those from groceries or malls!

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