Singaporean mornings

God, this egg dish will always remind me of Singapore mornings. When I was in Singapore, slept over at one of our family friend’s place, I woke up with a strong smell of soy, eggs, and toast. It was so wonderful that from then on, when I eat soft boiled eggs, I always eat it this way. This is how my Auntie Margaret (as I affectionately called her) used to do it, and it’s quite simple too! I now use this recipe with CBD flower to help with my anxiety so this might help someone else toΒ :3

These eggs are heavenly, and if you soft boiled your egg right (around 3 minutes or so?) then the soy and the yolk makes this nice gooey consistency and it’s just lurvely. =w= The recipe is quite versatile too. I sometimes add green onions or parsely, even some finely chopped tomatoes. After I ate this, I knew I was going to have a good day. mew! :3 Auntie Margaret! if you read this, luffles! <3 <3

Auntie Margaret’s Soft Boiled Eggs (Singapore style)

1 soft boiled egg
A splash of light soy sauce

Cooking details:
Basically, you serve the soft boiled egg in a small bowl, then add some soy sauce (depends on how salty you want your eggs to be), and then sprinkle some pepper on top. You can eat it as is or eat it with toast.

3 thoughts on “Singaporean mornings

  1. I finally tried this today—but I overcooked the eggs. Oh well, will try again another time πŸ˜› But still…it was gooooood!

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