Something’s Blooming

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I wish you all good food and health for the new year. I mean, we’ve got to live longer to eat the food that we like, right? The new year started with a swamp of things hence I wasn’t really able to devote time to this blog. My bad. I swear, I’ll be more diligent this time. I do have a lot of backlog. I have eaten in wonderful places this year and tried a lot of dishes so I’ll try to put in more content. ^^v

To start things off, I was hoping to give an update on my dear plants! My bokchoy / native pechay is growing wonders. It’s truly amazing. They’ve grown to such a size that I thought you can harvest them, but when I saw my uncle’s pechay, my pechay is still small. So I’ll have to wait ’til then.

Seymour, my parsley!

What interests me though is my darling parsley, Seymour.

Yes, I’ve named my parsley…. ^^;; I can’t defend my decision on why naming it, more so giving it the name Seymour. It just so happened that one morning, I woke up, watered my plant, and instantaneously called it Seymour. I’m simple minded that way. ^^;;

Seymour was part of my parsley leftovers during Christmas. The trick is not to cut the parsley down to the root. Leave around 2 inches of allowance and then plant the root on healthy soil. The parsley should start growing after a few days. And just smack after a week, you’ll have buds growing, and a little longer, your parsley will flower. I suggest to keep on letting it grow until you have something of a parsley bush in your pot. Mine is still in its early stages so I’ll let it grow for a bit. Seymour would be stage 1 to my intended herb garden. I have parsley and oregano already on the works. I’ll just see if I can try basil again.

On other news… my tomatoes have started to grow! YAY!!

4 thoughts on “Something’s Blooming

  1. Kewl…..Your garden really rocks khursten!!
    Let me have a taste of your veggies ones you have enough ne?? (^w^)fufufufu!

  2. Yes! 🙂 It’s looking healthy. Unfortunately, my pechay project is failing miserably. STUPID APHIDS! ><;;

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