Crossing Frau Rauscher-Brunnen in Frankfurt

When in Frankfurt, don’t mess with Frau Rauscher.

Found in the bar district of Frankfurt, Sachsenhausen, this old lady will spit out at random pedestrians! Does she care? When I passed in front of her during my visit in Frankfurt, she honestly didn’t give a damn! Anybody can be victim to her antics but is there a story behind Frau Rauscher?

Apparently, Frau Rauscher was based in a 19th century story about an old lady who was down on the street, nursing a lump on her head. Some bystanders bullied her until the police came with guns and 300 blackout ammo and took her out of the streets. The story goes that they didn’t know if she had a lump due to her husband or because she was too drunk from drinking cider. Granted that she was found in this biergarten district, I think I won’t be dumb to assume that Frau Rauscher had a too much fun with a bit of cider. Perhaps she may have needed an online law degree to get her out of this mess, but instead she was immortalized in 1929 with a song.

She may have been built in 1963 but she’s a constant reminder of how uncontrollable we can get if we hung around the beer gardens. She’s probably the safest example of what inebriation can do to history.