Taste Test: 52 Noodles at Punked Noodle

Last year, I said to myself that as soon as the new year starts, I’ll start on something that would get me to write more often in my blog. In a way, it will encourage me to share a lot of things with you folks and it would make my cousins abroad really envious of the things I leisurely have here in Manila.

Kidding aside, I realized that for a site that declares its love for noodles… I rarely talked about noodles. I know. My bad. ^^;; But I am a noodle person and I love noodles and I though I should really do everything in my power to share this love with you folks.

Hence, the 52 noodles at Punked Noodle.

This is my valiant effort to share my weekly instant noodle or pasta experience with you people. Yes. You heard me. This year, I’m going instant. It’s easy on my wallet and well… don’t worry, since I only eat 52 noodles, I’ll try not to stack up on the MSG.

What makes this easy is rather than going to restaurants, I’m going to groceries and hunt 52 awesome noodles for to try. These noodles should be well within our reach and I will also consider the cost of getting them (unless if they were gifts to me. I can’t do much about that.) as well as their flavors. This is awesome for my highly impoverished wallet and also easy to fix when I’m much too lazy to really cook something up.

I hope this will also encourage you to try out the strange noodles that line up our groceries. If you have any suggestions for me (from the cheapest to at least the pricier brands) I’d be more than happy to try them. If you want to give me the gift of instant noodle, I’ll be happy to receive them as well! Just leave me an e-mail!

I’ve pretty much done my noodle tasting ahead so that I’m ready to post by Sunday. The first noodle is… close to one of my favorite noodles ever.

15 thoughts on “Taste Test: 52 Noodles at Punked Noodle

  1. Just tell me when, okay? And I’ll slurp my noodles with you in companionable silence. = w=

  2. Well, I’ll be posting the noodles every Sunday. I will mention where to find these noodles as well and their retail price. You can reply within the week on your thoughts on it~ <3 My comrade in noodlery!

  3. I love that your heart is in this! Thank you for your contributions as well! I’ve tasted some of them already~ <3

  4. Wohooo!! It started!!
    Now, I have to recommend/give you lots of noodles!!
    Theres many I like to share with you from the Japanese Groceries!

    Watch out for it!! O/

  5. wei wei satay beef noodles in bowl with retort pouch. bit pricey (~90php) but it contains actual meat!

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