The Chinese Marinade To Win Your Mother-In-Law’s Heart

That Perfect Chicken Roast

I feel silly giving this post this title but this was how my friend, Anne from Chic-pixel, sold me on this recipe.

I can’t remember exactly how and where we were discussing this but what I do remember was that I heard her talking about roasting chicken that weekend and when I was giving her praises on how amazing she was in making chicken roast, she told me how her recipe was not difficult at all. It was in fact easy-peasy and was good enough for her husband to enjoy (and request perpetually) and one that has even passed her mother-in-law’s tastes. Caveat: Anne’s family-in-law are Chinese Malaysians so when she told me about this I was all ears. Not that other roast chicken recipes don’t matter but I trust the flavor profile of Malaysians. This roast chicken recipe must be bloody good.  And it truly is. 

That Perfect Chicken Roast

Another caveat: this was actually not Anne’s recipe but a recipe she found online and has placed in her repertoire and has now become a part of mine. This recipe has not failed me and has in fact been the most useful recipe I’ve learned in the last year. If anything, this recipe only gets better with every tweak granted that the base is covered. By that I mean I you have the right amount of meat for the marinade. 

Anyway, enough prattling. On to the killer marinade! 

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The marinade is surprisingly versatile and to be honest, I didn’t expect that the marinade would come as close to many of the charsiu I’ve tasted in Japan. It is not, however, the usual roast chicken recipe/duck/pork sold in many Chinese restaurants. I’ve yet to find recipes for that but this one’s actually perfect enough for me that I can’t ask for more. At best, I’ll be experimenting with the kind of soy sauce and Chinese wine I use because I realise that even those make a total difference.

The patience required for this dish is worth it. The long marinade makes an entire difference. When I do my ‘braised’ charsiu for this, I try to marinade it before braising as well.

That Perfect Chicken Roast
Aww yiss.

For chrissakes, I can go on forever talking about this recipe because it’s so simple and surprisingly perfect and awesome. I’ve actually cooked this for a lot of people and they’re now all part of my harem. My roommate and her boyfriend are the usual customers. My not!husband has tried my first trial of this recipe and he continues to weep when he knows I’m making this roast and he’s not eating it. My friends ate the braised charsiu pork when I made abura soba in Manila and they died and placed it over everything.

It’s that awesome. I remember tasting this and crying, ‘WHERE HAS THIS MARINADE BEEN ALL MY LIFE!?!’ I’m so glad it’s finally in my life and I honestly have to thank Anne for telling about this awesome recipe. 

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  1. I can still remember that glorious fried rice I made with the leftover pork. Damn you.

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