The Perfect Steak

I’m not a beef person.

Yes. I’m not a beef person.

The hierarchy of my love for meat goes like this: pork, lamb, chicken, fish, seafood, then beef.

It’s not that I hate beef. It’s just that there’s some stringy bits which I always hate among other things that I completely do not enjoy. I’ve had my share of well done beef steak and I always just ending up chewing more than I should be eating. Needless to say, beef’s one meat I couldn’t cook well either. I don’t know which parts are tender and which ones would work.

Hence, when I saw those kids in Junior Masterchef (yes! I’m still watching!) cook up some amazing dishes like steak… I just had to cook steak.

Of course, they didn’t give me the lowdown. I had to turn elsewhere. I went you tube hunting and checked various recipes and videos for steak only to find the cutthroat technique of Gordon Ramsey really gave me the best opportunity to cook and eat steak the way I want it. No fancy marinades and all that. Just some simple tips done in a few minutes.

After this, I got to say, I love steak and I’ve officially raised my love for beef.

Cookalong Live | How To Cook A Steak | Gordon Ramsay on Channel 4

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