Crocodile Burger at The Rocks

So my friend came over Sydney and we decided to hang around one afternoon around the harbour area.

By the time dinner came, it was hard for me to choose a restaurant because I realize that on Sundays, most restaurants close quite early in Sydney. So we chose a random restaurant at the Rocks which had the most Australian flavors I can imagine.

Now what makes Australian flavors? I have no bloody idea. Maybe it’s aboriginal food? It’s not like Master Chef has taught me to properly assess what makes Australian cuisine. If anything, it has shown me how diverse it has become. So to find an Australian restaurant was quite daunting.

As we sat down for dinner, we thought why not take something crazy, at least? That night, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a crocodile. They’re mean animals anyway. No one would cry if the world lost another croc. Maybe.

Anyway, we gave it a shot expecting a profound or new flavor or texture.

Instead, we got chicken. Croc tastes like chicken. Now I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be but yeah… I guess we had higher expectations from a croc.

The Perfect Steak

I’m not a beef person.

Yes. I’m not a beef person.

The hierarchy of my love for meat goes like this: pork, lamb, chicken, fish, seafood, then beef.

It’s not that I hate beef. It’s just that there’s some stringy bits which I always hate among other things that I completely do not enjoy. I’ve had my share of well done beef steak and I always just ending up chewing more than I should be eating. Needless to say, beef’s one meat I couldn’t cook well either. I don’t know which parts are tender and which ones would work.

Hence, when I saw those kids in Junior Masterchef (yes! I’m still watching!) cook up some amazing dishes like steak… I just had to cook steak.

Of course, they didn’t give me the lowdown. I had to turn elsewhere. I went you tube hunting and checked various recipes and videos for steak only to find the cutthroat technique of Gordon Ramsey really gave me the best opportunity to cook and eat steak the way I want it. No fancy marinades and all that. Just some simple tips done in a few minutes.

After this, I got to say, I love steak and I’ve officially raised my love for beef.

Cookalong Live | How To Cook A Steak | Gordon Ramsay on Channel 4

Hello world!

This website has been long overdue. I’ve been meaning to put this website up but never had the time because I had obligations yet to finish. But now the world is starting to return to me again, I’m more than happy to open up this website again.

This site, of course had turned itself far and beyond from its conception. What used to be a simply a portfolio for people who’d like for me to design something for them,  has now become… my food blog!?! XD It’s crazy I know. But if there is another thing I’m passionate about, other than manga and history is food.

It must have been a bit of a destiny. When I bought this domain name a few years back, the idea of food was completely out of the idea. But it seems to just keep on coming back as though staking its claim on the name.

Well, I guess, here it is now. Running and all. What’s up next is installing those plugins and other brick-a-brac that I love writing about.