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Thank you for #Blush801!

It’s nice to have a holiday for boys love

Fujojocast no. 15 – Diversity through Futekiya

In this episode of Fujojocast, I’m joined by Emma Hanashiro from @futekiya and we talk about how their website aims to help diversify our BL reading needs.

The gift of BL on #Blush801

  Today would have been the Blush Convention. For years, as organisers, we’ve sought to find ways to hold the con as close to 801 yet schedules fail to align until this year. There were some exciting things that could have happened. We would have […]

Spotlight: Kumota Haruko

For #BLush801, I focus my spotlight on Kumota Haruko’s works and the different reasons why her adorable works are worth the journey.

The Multicultural Face of Boys Love

BL has changed in ways that breaks language and spatial barriers. I reflect on the increasingly multicultural face of boys love. What do you think? Join me and you

Did they say a BL party on 801!?!

This new normal should not stop us from celebrating boys love culture! So join us celebrate BL this 801 with #BLush801

Fujojocast No. 14: When Asian Fans Socially Distance because of Cultural Tensions in Fandom

In case you missed the memo, fandom is not a safe place, especially for BIPOC fans. It’s something that we Asian fans have been keenly aware of since our engagement online. It’s something that has been documented by scholars. In the last week, as different […]

On the Bitches of Boys Love: the pornographic response of Japan’s rotten women

Who knew that one day I will write an academic article which made me read quite a lot of nasty boys love manga. But that is life.

Fujojocast No. 13: A Thai BL Primer with Thomas Baudinette

Fujojocast No. 13: A Thai BL Primer with Thomas Baudinette

Fujojocast returns with Dr. Thomas Baudinette, as he gives me a primer on Thai BL!

I’m alive!!

From time to time, I wonder if I have outgrown this blog. The fact that I’m writing this after some while means I haven’t.