Fujoshi Reads

46. Welcome to the Ballroom by Takeuchi Tomo

Welcome to the Ballroom’s gonna be an anime and I can’t help but feel overly excited. At a time when lesser known sports, such as figure skating and rugby, are getting some love, I’m happy that dancesport is joining the party.

45. Tokkyū!! by Komori Yoichi and Kubo Mitsurou

In this manga about Japanese Coast Guard’s Special Rescue Unit or Tokkyū, Komori Yoichi and Kubo Mitsurou shows the exceptional heroism of these young rescuers.

44. Oshaberi wa asagohan no ato de

I sometimes wonder if becoming a historian is just a haughty excuse to “gossip” on people’s lives. Well, technically, they’re dead but, not gonna lie, I love reading biographies of living folks too — if TMZ and Daily Mail clickbaits count. Hollywood and Hiddleston aside, […]

43. Doukyuusei by Nakamura Asumiko.

I got my DVD of Doukyuusei last week. To be honest, I didn’t want to get the DVD. I mean, yes, I wanted to watch the film. I was miserable that I missed the film when I had the chance to see it. But the DVD, […]

42. Minori no Te (Minori’s Hand) by Scarlet Beriko

A friend of mine and I were once talking about the value of hands in BL. Yaoi hands aside, we were wondering how there are some writers who value the very action of touching more than anything in BL. Beyond sex and all those things, […]

41. Fire! by Hideko Mizuno

Hello! It’s been a while. ; w; Super sorry for my recent inactivity. I’ve been weaning from social media and such and its mostly due to the fact that I’ve been reading and writing a lot of stuff for my thesis and I’ve dedicated most […]

40. Dusk in Kalevia

Dusk in Kalevia turns out to be as mythical as I have imagined, if not more. The story of two ‘men’ caught at odds in a brewing revolution remains romantic. More so when you read them move in such a beautiful city as Kalevia.

39. Yatamomo

Sometimes, you just can’t help but fall in love with a bad boy. That’s what happens to Yata in Harada’s Yatamomo.

38. Sayonara, Sorcier

There was a time when nobody knew who Vincent Van Gogh was. Nowadays, everybody knows about him. And in different versions too (like the Dr. Who Van Gogh or the Cumberbatch Van Gogh). Most representations of Van Gogh show this miserable soul whose art was […]

37. Zucca x Zuca

Oh! Funky Sunshine~~!! Zucca x Zuca by Haruna Lemon is possibly the best manga for Takarazuka 101!