Fujojocast no. 15 – Diversity through Futekiya

In this episode of Fujojocast, I’m joined by Emma Hanashiro from @futekiya and we talk about how their website aims to help diversify our BL reading needs.

Fujojocast No. 14: When Asian Fans Socially Distance because of Cultural Tensions in Fandom

In case you missed the memo, fandom is not a safe place, especially for BIPOC fans. It’s something that we Asian fans have been keenly aware of since our engagement online. It’s something that has been documented by scholars. In the last week, as different […]

Fujojocast No. 13: A Thai BL Primer with Thomas Baudinette

Fujojocast No. 13: A Thai BL Primer with Thomas Baudinette

Fujojocast returns with Dr. Thomas Baudinette, as he gives me a primer on Thai BL!

Fujojocast #12: Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette (Part 2)

I am finally back from check republic1 with the second part of my conversation with Thomas Baudinette on gay manga. In the last episode, we talked about Tom’s research, how he stumbled upon gay manga, and how this genre is consumed by readers in Japan. […]

Fujojocast #11 – Gay Manga Dialogues with Thomas Baudinette (Part 1)

In this two-part episode of fujojocast, I talk with Thomas Baudinette about the vibrant gay manga culture and its avid consumers!

Fujojocast #10: Building a BL starter kit!

  So I posted last weekend about pooling people’s recs for a BL starter kit! If you’ve got a few titles in mind, that’s great! Let me know about it!  However, if you’re still thinking how to go about it, let Airin, Maija, and I help […]

Fujojocast #9 – Clearly, we can’t stop talking about Free!

Has it really been a year? Is the eternal summer really over? Well, clearly, Nozmo, Airin, and I cannot have enough of Free! Now the second season came and went with fantastic new characters who even made some of us cry in misery. The second […]

Fujojocast #8: 801 Special, Beautiful Things in BL

Hey fujojo! Happy Yaoi no Hi! As always, I wish you all the best when it comes to BL! It’s been a good year for BL with many exciting titles released in English, Japanese, and online! But as BL fans, we’re probably familiar with a […]

Fujojocast #7 – Give what’s due to Saezuru

This is a podcast about the fans who love an author’s work and a publisher who has been a bit of a hit and miss when it comes to maintaining the quality of their titles. Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (Twittering Birds Never Fly) is a […]

Fujojocast #6 – Shipping wars, doujin scanlations, and the IP blocking mess we’re in

Perhaps this is the first “breaking news” podcast I’ve done. Not that this is completely breaking news but it, nonetheless, an interesting development in things that we do in fandom. Last week, there was a bit of a stir when it was made public that […]