Fangirling Nodame much…

Well, I never had a chance to really read anything interesting lately because I’ve been busy at work and I’m far too exhausted at home to actually grab a manga and start reading. Although, in between watching some television series, my hands got to work — sanding, sculpting, painting, and polishing some customs for my dear fangirling heart. The need to be crafty took me over and in the end, I ended up creating possibly the two and only anime customs I’ll ever do for my collection.

And happily together at last.For some while, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating some Nodame customs for my pinky:st dolls. I love Nodame to pieces and Nodame pretty much owns my reading and listening lately — like the past 3 years. lol. And yes, rabid fangirl much, the only series I’m willing to spend quite a lot on… not unless they’re releasing Kaworu Nagisa dolls… or something similar to that. But yeah, my hands likes to get busy and I ended up creating some Nodame stuff.

Nodame was made with the pink dress, piano bag, and mongoose mask. Chiaki, on the other hand came with his long-sleeved polo shirt, a suit, an orchestra suit, and a casual black shirt (that yellow stripe has been stripped!). I’m still asking my friends if they’re willing to give their violin cases. I’ve been tempted to have some toothpicks It was such fun creating it. Chiaki’s by far the hardest due to his hair and his face. lol. Before it was painted I was thinking “He reminds me of Cloud.” But I guess it all sorted out in the end. I have the kind face Chiaki and here’s the snarky faced Chiaki. lol. I KNOW! I feel like a rabid fangirl, but it’s true! Nothing beats having to play with your own Nodame and Chiaki. Mukyaa! <3

Perhaps the final straw of my Nodame fangirling was my weekend project. Actually I started this 6 months ago when I didn’t have a sewing machine yet. I was trying to handstitch Nodame’s bag. However, as I had to stitch larger pieces, it become more taxing. So I stopped until I managed to save some money for it. And well, yeah. The piano bag. Fixed and made, although on the wrong cloth, but still fixed for enjoyment.

Yes. My fandom and my hobby owns me. If this ‘crafty’ bug keeps up, as my friends bet, I might start making own Masumi already. lol. I hope not! Although I don’t mind!! XDD In the meantime, enjoy the other images I have of my Nodame customs. God, being a fangirl can be scary much. lol.

Kore... FALL IN LOVE!? �������� Noda Megumi. Nodame desu! Chiaki Shinichi. Yoroshiku. Kore? Mongoose desu! ���輩�����弾����� CHIAKI-SEMPAI!?

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