801. Yaoi. Boy’s Love. Tanbi. Shounen-Ai. BL. Pr0n. 

Call it whatever you want.

Fujoshi. Fudanshi. Fujojo.

Call us whatever you want.

We probably wouldn’t care because all we know is that 8/01 is our special day and here in Otaku Champloo we’ll be celebrating a fiesta for what we fujoshi love: Boy’s Love manga.

From 8/01 until 8/10 (OMG YES!) Otaku Champloo will be celebrating Boy’s Love manga with all you fujojos and curious bypassers out there. For ten days (FO REALS!), we’ll be talking about those comics where boys who like boys who do boys like they’re girls or like boys! We’ll be talking about our favorite titles, our favorite ships, and our favorite kinks.

The 801 MMF will be a celebration of a genre that has been around for forty years and has given countless of women thousands of feels which eventually transformed manga conventions by producing works that challenge Japanese concepts of aesthetics, fiction, and sexuality.

It’s an exciting time to be a fujoshi! So if you have some thoughts and feels about Boy’s Love, feel free to join us in the 801 MMF!


BUT OMG, KHURSTEN! I have so many feels and thoughts about BL manga, can’t I just give you my entire website!

Worry not! I’ll do my best to contain your feels! In fact, here are the categories where you can contribute to the 801 MMF!

– Write a post about your top five favorite BL titles, the kind that you have double copies of just so you can lend it to people! Tell us why you love it and why other people should be reading it too. You can do this by titles or by authors!

– One of the things I’ve learned is BL has changed a lot of people. Throughout the years, BL’s transformative power has been studied by many people but nothing amazes us more than hearing the voices of fellow BL fans and their BL . Tell us your thoughts about BL: from your feels about kinks in BL manga, to the crazy fandoms, to the love and hate of fujoshis, and maybe just how BL has changed things in your life.

– We’re listing again our favorite BL Webcomics! And we want to hear from you your favorites that didn’t make it to last year’s BL webcomic list! <3 I have a few titles in mind but let’s see what you fujojos and fudanshis have found on the internet.

Throughout this week, I’ll be keeping up with your links while posting my own posts on BL too! Let’s share stories and hopefully encourage more fujoshi to get back into their BL habit!

Is my contribution a BL title?

The easiest solution is to look at the publisher. In the US you have Sublime and DMG who publish BL titles. If it’s in their roster, it’s definitely BL. Old publishers like Blu, Netcomics,  and Aurora also sold BL titles!

If you’re sending in a review of a Japanese title, check the publishers. Anything by Libre is BL/yaoi in nature. Asuka, Akaneshinsha, Tokyo Mangasha, Shodensha (particularly their On Blue line), are also BL.

It becomes tougher if you want to tackle classic BL manga. According to the Fujoshi manga issue of Eureka, titles that tackle homosexuality by the Year 24 group are considered BL. In the 1980s, titles by Akimi Yoshida such as California Monogatari, Banana Fish and Yasha are also runners for BL. Even Yun Kouga’s Loveless is a BL classic.

If you tell me that Kuroko no Basuke and Tenipuri should be here, well no. We’ll leave that for another event! :D

Hold it, Fujojo! There’s more!

In celebration of this fiyaysta, I’ll also be giving away 8 special BL books to fans. One of them can serve as a fujoshi’s lethal weapon! So watch out over the next few days on how you guys will get to have a chance to win some lovelies from me!

Okay, my body’s ready!

Join us in this 801MMF by using the #801MMF hashtag on tumblr and twitter or by sending me an e-mail with the subject [801 MMF - name of category (if applicable)] at punkednoodle-at-gmail.com. Follow me on twitter, @khursten, and tag me if you’ve posted something!

So stand up, fujojo! Our battle will commence soon!

34. The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window

I have my fair set of expectations when it comes to my favourite authors. The fact that I consider them my favorite entails a kind of resonance, a hive mind of sorts where you just know what kind of title to expect whenever they release new works. As such, when I got one of Yamashita Tomoko’s newest titles this year, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (Sankaku Mado no Gaisoku wa Yoru), I was expecting some kind of emotional turmoil. Except, as with everything Yamashita Tomoko has done in my life, she takes a different turn and gives me a bit of a fright when she brings these two ghost hunters in this title. In this story we first meet Kousuke Mikado, a bookshop clerk who has an eye for dead people. I can understand his worries that THIS WAS NOT THE BEST GIFT TO HAVE, however, a young man convinces him that his gift could be quite useful. This man was Rihito Hiyakawa, a president of a cleaning company by name but is actually an extremely efficient exorcist. He believes that it was fate that led him to Mikado and if Mikado helps his business, he’ll make sure to get rid of Mikado’s fears. Sounds good but as Mikado discovers more about the spiritual world, it becomes less and less convincing that their relationship was fate. I am not a big fan of ghost stories and would often drop stories like this in a heartbeat but Yamashita’s casual yet gripping narrative of these ghostbusters […]

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Manga Futures and Protean Borders in Australia

I’m so excited to tell you guys about this awesome thing happening in my university at the end of this month. In cooperation with Kyoto Seika University’s International Manga Research Center, University of Wollongong is hosting Manga Futures, a conference that discusses various issues surrounding manga and its audiences from Japan and various places around the globe! The program includes a talk by Keiko Takemiya on the future of manga, Jaqueline Berndt on Manga Studies and Kirsten Cather on Manga in the 21st Century. There are also various talks from experts in manga and otaku studies. Scholars like Patrick Galbraith will speak of the issues surrounding lolita and we even have Ling Yang to talk about the troubles China’s BL fandom. You can read more about it in the program and for those who live in Sydney or New South Wales or Australia, you can register as a guest to listen in all of these amazing talks!! Register as soon as you can as slots are limited!  In addition to this conference, UOW is also putting up an exhibit called Protean Borders! This exhibit features some of Australia and Japan’s up and coming artists who challenge definitions of manga. It features artists like Sonoko Fukushima and Sookyung Yoo from Kyoto Seika’s IMRC, Japan and the likes of Sydney artists such as Sarah Boxall, Fiona Chor-Kay Chan (Miyukiko), Queenie Chan, Tatiana Davidson, Carolyn Gan (Wrat), Agnieszka Golda & Martin Johnson, Jessica Thomas, and Amei Zhao. The exhibit’s running in UOW’s TAEM Gallery from 24 October – […]

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Harlequin Japan’s new BL line starts with “Roomate” and Ranryouou

I’m actually writing this out of massive fangirling for Nakamura Asumiko and silent weeping that I can’t enjoy these lovely covers in their English editions. Today, Harlequin Japan announced that they’re starting a new BL line called Harlequin Lovesick which focuses on the translation and novelization of popular M/M romances from Japan and abroad. One of the titles they’re bringing in is Lana McGregor’s His Roommate’s Pleasure which has been retitled to Roommate and is translated to by Hayakawa Mayuri, localized by BL novelist, Yukishiro Marie, and illustrated by Nakamura Asumiko. The collaboration appears to be an all-out effort to bring in a lot of English gay novels in the Japanese market. Now this isn’t exactly new as Dear+ Bunko has managed to successfully bring in Josh Lanyon’s novels to Japan. His Adrien English novels were actually illustrated by Kusama Sakae! However, unlike the translations of Josh Lanyon’s novels, Harlequin is even teaming up with popular BL novelists to localize and spin these stories for their loyal Japanese fan base. Just take a look at this sample from Harlequin Lovesick’s video promoting the Roommate.         It looks awesome and the dialogue, I must say, has pulled my heart strings a lot more than if it were in English. I have yet to wait for these books to be released and I am mildly tempted to honestly buy the English editions just to see the difference. But for now, let me pine a little more that I cannot get these beautiful Japanese covers […]

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33. Nini no Mori by Shoowa

What initially got me with this title was a blurb in a fujoshi website saying “BEETLE BL”. And I’ve had my fair share of weird and odd things in BL but I have never read a beetle BL, more so drawn by a talented artist like Shoowa. So even when I’m not a die hard fan, I just had to get this title and see what the fuss was all about. More than beetle BL, I was drawn in a fantastic world where frogs fall in love with bunnies and wolves falling in love with humans. And yeah, of course, beetles making out… ish. To be honest, I tend to stray from fantasy titles mostly because I hardly have any fantastic bone in my body. If people want to lure me in the fantasy, it has got to have something rooted in reality, like a social commentary or it’s something quite uncomplicated that I can still grasp the world it’s living in. Hence, I had my apprehensions when I picked up Nini no Mori. It had that fantastic element to it plus it’s got kemono characters. I’m not exactly the biggest fans of anthropomorphised animals but I’m giving Shoowa a shot, especially the beetles. Nini no Mori revolves around the various animals and creatures that resides in Nini’s forest. Nini’s a human who has lived far from human society and has given refuge to various beasts and creatures who have lost their way or homes. Nini is probably the least relevant person in this tale. […]

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Crafty Japanese Book Covers

Do you guys cover your books? I do. Well I try to. When I was younger, usually before the school year begins, I love spending an entire day just wrapping up my books in plastic. As years go by, I developed an art to it. There’s got to be a perfect grade of plastic that you can easily wrap your book with and then easily slip it off when you need to sell or give it away. There’s also a way to place the tape in a way that it doesn’t damage the book at any cost. It was an awesome process, I tell ya. However, adult life has robbed me of this leisurely task and so I make a point to take good care of my books especially when I’m traveling or in transit. And then my recent trip to Japan happened and I visited bookstores left and right. At first, they’d ask me, “Do you want us to take the vinyl off your book?” Sure. No problem. And then they ask, “Do you want us to place a cover on your book?” How could I honestly say ‘No’? I don’t know why this never happened to me before. Maybe because I never paid attention or that I probably bought books at bookstores that doesn’t do this stuff. But since I really managed to immerse in Tokyo this time around, I stopped by a lot of bookstores and at some point I was happy collecting all sorts of book covers. For anime and manga […]

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