Thank you for visiting Otaku Champloo, a little project I made to host my spazzing about mangas and anime in one place. Although primarily this place is more focused on manga, occasionally I’d put a spatter or two about the animes I’ve seen as well. And yes, I should be updating this more often. I really really should. Slap me in my comments if I don’t.



Hi. My name’s Khursten Santos, a Filipina postgraduate student based in Australia, specialising on Japanese pop culture and media history. I am an otaku as well as a fujoshi. My life as an otaku is forever in bloom. Or should I say that my life as a fujoshi is forever rolling in the deepest part of hell?

I used to be a part of MangaCast, occasionally participated in roundtables in Manga Bookshelf, hosted some Manga Moveable Feasts, and written for various publications on manga. I’ve also hosted panels in conventions such as Lights Out, Blush Con, and Room801. I also write about my travel, food, and academic stuff on my main website, punked noodle.


This blog is a litany of my love/hate relationship with manga and Japan.

I started this site as a memory exercise of sorts since I really have a horrible memory when it comes to remembering some manga. At the same time, I had friends who often asked me for recommendations hence this site was a way for friends to keep track of the manga I read. Eventually, it’s become a place where I could put down my thoughts on manga. More often than not, I just spazz about manga here.

While it may seem that I talk about a lot of fujoshi stuff, I try to cover as much manga genres that I can. As of late, I read Japanese manga more than I read English-translated manga but I do try to review English titles I get a hand of once in a while. I also talk about things I learn about manga. I sometimes talk about anime too. I also try to talk about my life as a fan and the shite I do for manga.


… I read a lot of stuff. I don’t have a preference in terms of genre but for 2017, I want to read the manga in my tsundoku pile. ; 3;


You may freely comment on my journal or e-mail me at punkednoodle (at) gmail.com

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