Manga Moveable Feast

The Manga Moveable Feast is a fun monthly exchange among manga enthusiasts, fans, and critics on a particular theme. It kind of stemmed from the fact that sometimes we get inspired after seeing someone post about something. Rather then letting these go to waste, members of the manga community decided to dedicate a week for every month to a particular manga or theme and we can share or discusses various commentaries and information about that said manga or manga or theme. It’s quite awesome honestly and it’s quite fun seeing what people think about a manga that you may love (or hate).

The feast hopes to promote some witty, intelligent, if not, informed criticism of a particular manga or theme. The feast doesn’t just look for manga reviews but also analysis of what makes that manga or theme great. At the same time, the feast hopes to rile up the manga community and encourage manga fans to contribute and connect to other manga fans. Personally, I also think that MMF helps to promote some love for some mangaka who might just be outside of our radar.

This May, Otaku Champloo will be hosting the Oishinbo/Food Manga MMF! I’ll be posting the details soon (if I don’t, somebody kick my ass and remind me!) so keep posted.

For now, you can check these previous MMFs and enjoy discovering what’s great about manga!

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