Oishinbo Viking

In Japan, viking (バイキング) means buffet. Now, I don’t exactly know why it’s called ‘viking’ but my impression when I first saw that was perhaps Japanese thought that Vikings ate a lot and so it’s a feast for Vikings. Wikipedia has a boring answer, but for this Manga Moveable Feast, allow me to invite you to a viking so we can feast on some amazing things about food manga.

I’ll be offering a smorgasbord of articles and reviews for you to enjoy. So take your pick and perhaps you’ll choose the next food manga you’re reading!

Appetizers: Manga Reviews

Antique Bakery 

Drops of God

Eat or Be Eaten

Iron Wok Jan

Let’s Eat Ramen

Kitchen Princess

Kodoku no Gourmet (Solitary Gourmet)

Mixed Vegetables


Not Love but Delicious Food  

Neko Ramen


Project X Challengers – Seven Eleven


Yakitate!! Japan

Main Course: Essays, Criticisms, Podcasts on Food Manga

Addicted to Curry

Kitchen Princess

Food Manga


Desserts: Other things related to Food Manga

Drops of God Winetasting Event

Yoshinaga Fumi

Japanese Food

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