[801] The Ultimate BL Webcomic Rec List

Can you believe that Boy’s Love comics has been around for more than 40 years?

One would think that Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Boy’s Love is just a passing fancy among girls but its continued influence not only in Japanese otaku subculture but in the global subculture shows the power of the genre.

Yes. Yaoi is all over the globe. There’s a book on Boy’s Love that speaks about Yaoi fans in Indonesia, Germany, Italy, and Chine. And there are scholars in Japan who study other fujoshi subcultures in the Philippines and even Latin America. The internet has made yaoi accessible and day by day, girls like you and me become aware of their fujoshi goggles.

In the last few years I’ve become more and more aware of emerging BL artists outside of Japan. What was once amateur efforts in writing BL have eventually involved in a BL that’s quite mature and very different from Japan’s. It’s fantastic how many of these artists are yet unpublished and find the internet as the space for their works. If I had money, I’d get these artist to publish in an anthology because they all deserve a shot in getting their stories more available to the public.

To pull this list of BL Webcomics, I asked fujojos and fudanshis to give me their recs for a prize! Many gave the same recs which proves that there are those who have made a name out there. The prize I’m giving away is also from an artist who made a name drawing BL for Suikoden and Devil May Cry, Jo Chen. In These Words was a comic she drew for her doujin circle Guilt|Pleasure. Initially a webcomic, Guilt|Pleasure’s efforts eventually gave them enough fan base and chapters to make a volume before it was published by DMP and now published in Japan under Libre’s BeBoy Gold. Isn’t that fantastic?

But I’m quite sure outside of here there are many BL webcomics online. Here are your recommendations (in alphabetical order)!

5th and Main

WTH. I open this comic and I am just blown away by the fantastic coloring and art involved with this comic! Why have I not read this before!?! I’ll definitely make up for this mistake right now but this story of “young and rowdy upstarts trying to find their way in life to the jaded, middle aged men trying to keep the pieces together,” definitely has a fan in me. A few pages in and it’s quite a sad tale but I’m still set on reading it! The style’s closer to Amecomi, but I’m not complaining. It’s pretty. *A*)

Always Raining Here

“Adrian is heartsick. Carter is horny.” While it’s easy to assume that this story is nothing but screwing around, it actually develops into a nice heartwarming tale of two young boys struggling to find their emotions. This comic was a surprise to me as it isn’t my type of story nor is the art style something I’d fawn over but eventually it becomes as charming as the story of the two boys develop. I’m not gonna lie that I’ve grown very fond of this story and would probably watch these two boys fall in love with each other. I’m also not gonna lie that I am weak to the likes of Carter and the development his character is going through. UGH.


I’m not gonna lie (I’ve been saying this a lot!) that I had my hesitations in reading this title. However, Alex Woolfson and Winona Nelson convinced me that as a yaoi title, Artifice is a solid story. This comic hits my fascination of an AI’s emotional edge. For a robot equipped with everything human, how impossible was it for a robot to avoid his emotions? We meet Deacon, a super soldier AI of sorts, going through his debriefing, explaining why and how he wasn’t able to fulfill his mission. A totally engaging read with a style familiar to Western readers. It’s also got a successful Kickstarter campaign so you’ll be seeing Artifice published soon!

Best Friends Forever

It guises itself as a bromantic dramedy but we all know that bromance is a ship that sails steady in fujoshi fantasies. Another BFF story but this time Vincent and Teddy is an odd pair of brains and brawn. The drawing’s adorable and what’s lovely is the author interacts with her readers with regards to the story. That said, this is an adorable pair and everything about this comic is adorbs and pleasing to the eye. It’s a story on the edge though so don’t expect any schmex happening just yet as Teddy’s slow on the uptake. GAH! Hang in there, Vincent!

Doki Doki Check Mate

OMG. First page and I am squeeing with adorable! This hilarious, lovely, moast adorable BL fairy tale of a prince and a knight is making me squee so much that I wish Corallini told me of this earlier! (She probably has and I may have missed the memo!) Why am I reading through all of these adorable things just now!? >A<)9

Knights Errant

If I can say anything about this comic, the art is beautiful. Clearly, I haven’t read far and the premise of a Lieutenant and his soldier trapped in a tower was enough to keep me going for the next few pages wondering if love will blossom in imprisonment. Set in a fantasy world reminiscent of Ivalice in Final Fantasy Tactics, Knights Errant might just fill my BL soldier fantasy needs.

Lex Daemonica

This story reminds me of a gritty Supernatural and you know where that goes. However, unlike Supernatural, you have two best friends who are out fighting demons and what not. There’s a cute notice that the BL starts from chapter two and since this is just a new rec for me, I’m gonna keep that in mind while I read through this. It’s a promising title and definitely something worth looking at.

Prince of Cats

It takes a while to get used to Prince of Cats. The art is not my cup of tea but the gauche watercolor effect eventually warms up to me. Besides, Lee’s story of coming out in a conservative area of America is a story definitely looking into.

Spacejinx Misadventures

Nasty sounds in the first few panels? SOLD! This webcomic pegged as a smutty scifi is a hilarious space adventure filled with sexy androids and crazy backrubs. The art is hilarious and it actually reminds me of Faith Erin Hicks only… it has porny suggestions! It’s lovely and definitely looks like a worthwhile read. Then again, I have a soft spot for funny comics.


Cain and Abel may be biblical names but this sci-fi BL adventure of a pilot and navigator is filled with sin. It was recommended to me by all the folks who responded to my question and this was one title they didn’t have to recommend! Hamletmachine’s edgy art befits the series as the gritty lines emphasize the masculinity of their world and it just makes the schmex a lot more… carnal. Don’t even expect a long engagement because this title’s unapologetic about the sex. It may appear PWP at first, but then Cain seems to have something in mind with all this schmex! Hamletmachine also manages to make some pretty art in such limited space. I must commend Hamlematching for her paneling because she’s one artist who definitely owns her space.


Super Gay Adventures of Ross Boston

(Update as of 2015: this series was cancelled) If the creator of Powerpuff girls or Dexter’s Lab decided to do a gay comic, this would be it. It’s a superhero tale with enough flamboyant flair that makes us appreciate gay culture and monsters. The monsters here are so adorable, I want to hug them! The comic’s the one I used as a header!


The thing about TEN is it reads and feels like a Japanese BL comic which is great for fans of BL because it’s familiar. Dez is a cop who has lost his memories and remembers nothing but his rescue. At a precinct, he crosses a boy (or a short man) who felt familiar to him. The story takes a leisurely pace and might be slow for others but it’s quite engaging and if I wasn’t writing this list in time for Yaoi no Hi, I’d probably take my time and read this all day. I probably would after this!


(Update as of 2015: The comic has been cancelled but a summary of how the series ends is available.) I can’t believe I haven’t read Teahouse! How could I have possibly overlooked a story with a brothel filled with handsome men!? ‘Nuff said really but this is the second highly recommended title among the people I asked yesterday so this is another BL webcomic we should look into!

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

This was no. 3 in the recs and I’m disappointed that I haven’t read this either! This is disappointing because it seems to be the kind of thing I love where I guy goes on a roadtrip and shenanigans ensues! I am excited to read this though! And OMG it has 31 chapters! If it’s this popular, then it must be doing something tight… err, right!

Tripping Over You

Who doesn’t love a best friend story? Milo and Liam are the best of friends but Milo is realizing that flirting around his best friend is a lot more fun than flirting with others. It’s a light, witty and funny school romance that makes me giggle with every page! I honestly wish there was more. It’s my version of BL “Sunday comics.”

Two Keys

A rec from Corallini, the summary says a lot about the life of Colin Ashton, a fail diner owner and how he balances his city split into two: the world of humans and occult. I love the sketchy gritty art and it reminds me of IOU Kuroda or maybe Taiyou Matsumoto maybe even a bit of basso towards the later chapters. That said, it looks beautiful. Not sure where the BL factors in just yet but I look forward to it. My name dropping should be a mark that at the very least, the art is fantastic.

Spanish BL Webcomics

Can you believe that there are Spanish BL Webcomics as well? It excites me to know that they have a community supportive of this genre and great thanks to @Oshioki_koneko for pimping this to me!


I wish I knew enough about this title to spazz about it but I asked @Oshioki_koneko and she said Paris/Pablo (the guy with Hikaru-like) haircut meets an old friend/crush who turns out to be his teacher, November. It’s cute and I feel that this is my faculty’s vengeance at me for choosing Japanese over Spanish. I am curious to read it! Someone compile this work and translate it to English! >w<) At least, Spanish readers will find it easy to read this!

All in all, these were fantastic recs and I can’t wait to start reading those that I have YET to read! <3

If you still have any recs, rec on so that I can add them here! For those who chimed in for this rec list, give me this afternoon to sort out who gets In These Words! <3

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