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Fujojocast #8: 801 Special, Beautiful Things in BL

Hey fujojo! Happy Yaoi no Hi! As always, I wish you all the best when it comes to BL! It’s been a good year for BL with many exciting titles released in English, Japanese, and online! But as BL fans, we’re probably familiar with a […]

#801MMF: The Fujoshi Bible

In Eureka’s Fujoshi Manga Compendium, there’s this interesting section where they list down the things a fujoshi must read. They called it the Fujoshi Manga Bible.  I thought it’d be best to share the list down here for fujoshi to check what these women think are titles […]

#801MMF Giveaway No. 1: We want new webcomics!

I’ve done this last year and we’re doing this again! 😀 Last year was so much fun and with all your recs, all of us spent some sweet time reading those awesome BL recs. But we know that that there’s more out there. And there’s […]

801 MMF: A Fujojo Fiyaysta!

801. Yaoi. Boy’s Love. Tanbi. Shounen-Ai. BL. Pr0n.  Call it whatever you want. Fujoshi. Fudanshi. Fujojo. Call us whatever you want. We probably wouldn’t care because all we know is that 8/01 is our special day and here in Otaku Champloo we’ll be celebrating a […]

[801] And so the pr0n goes to….

So before I make the reveal on this, I first want to thank the following lovely ladies who replied to my call for BL Webcomics on time (meaning before 3 PM NY/Easter Time – 3 AM in Manila): Lamborg (@neuromantically),  Jocelyne Allen (@brainvsbook),  Melinda (@mbeasi),  Ellestrois (tumblr), Kimiko (@ShroudedDancer), Cathe/Tiny Taikodrum […]

Spotlight (801 Special): Est Em

I have this horrible habit of figuring out the lives of people I see when I’m traveling. I love to do this in airports since people hold many stories in such a small space. A woman walks by, clutching her Berkin bag. Probably a trophy […]

[801] The Ultimate BL Webcomic Rec List

Can you believe that Boy’s Love comics has been around for more than 40 years? One would think that Shounen Ai, Yaoi, Boy’s Love is just a passing fancy among girls but its continued influence not only in Japanese otaku subculture but in the global […]