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#801MMF: All good things must come to an end

The fiyaysta is winding down and alas, the party comes to an end. But if you will allow me, I’d like to sum up the last hurrahs for this party. Sarah shares her review of Rihito Takarai & Venio Tachibana’s Seven Days. Anna looks into […]

Winrars for #801MMF

Well, you fujojos fought long and hard! I learned so much about you guys and didn’t think reverse kinks were quite popular! But I truly appreciate it, I really do. You’ve made this week really fun and we had a chance to discover a lot […]

#801MMF – 2013 BL Webcomic Rec List

I called and you delivered! You never disappoint me, fujoshi. And here are your recommended BL Webcomics for this year. It’s a really great mix from people all over the world, so have fun ladies! Make sure you keep your web browsers busy!

#801MMF – Fujojocast no. 1: Not enough BL in the world!

Right-o! Put three fujojos in a room and they talk about pr0n. Even in a skype chatroom. For the 801 MMF, I’m happy to share some time with Anne Lee from Chic Pixel and Jocelyne Allen from Brain vs. Book to talk about something close […]

#801MMF – The BL Fiyaysta Continues

So, hello! How are you, Fujojo? Are you still partying hard? Well, we won’t be stopping until the MMF ends, so yeah! In case you’re late in the party, here’s some things that people have been bringing to this fiyaysta! Sarah has been quite a […]

#801MMF Review – Koketsu Dining

If Tiger Mask had a BL, it would have been like this. A young man comes to his new home and meets his roommate who wears a tiger mask all day long (and even in his bath!)

#801MMF: My top 5 kinks

Fujojos, I know how hard it was to ask you what your favorite kinks are. Because while you guys were writing your answers, I’ve been writing mine. Even as I write this, I’m also thinking of other things that I like. But in general, if […]

#801MMF – So what do you think of these kinks?

Okay! So, some enthusiastic artists ¬†sent in their entries and they’re amazing and quite varied! There are others in the comments section which is still ongoing, but with the kinks drawn closed, it’s time to ask what you guys think about these kinks. By the […]

#801MMF Spotlight: BL’s New Wave

When a couple of Japanese BL scholars went down to Manila, I spent a good week with them – interviewing local female artists and getting to know BL fans in Manila. During down time, they had a chance to ask me, “What kind of BL […]

#801MMF: The Fiyaysta So Far

HAH! And you fujojos thought you’re safe in your quiet little holes, mumbling naughty sounds uke make while they’re getting pummeled by their seme. Oh wait… you don’t do that!?! You should! It’s a very liberating experience as a fujoshi and I personally find it […]