#801MMF: All good things must come to an end

The fiyaysta is winding down and alas, the party comes to an end.

But if you will allow me, I’d like to sum up the last hurrahs for this party.

Sarah shares her review of Rihito Takarai & Venio Tachibana’s Seven Days. Anna looks into Est Em’s Red Blinds the Foolish. While Melinda and Michelle check out Korean BL: Totally Captivated.

Over here at Otaku Champloo, Jocelyne, Anne, and I cannot stop prattling and make nasty noises about BL in a special #801MMF podcast: Fujojocast. I’ve also listed down the 2013 BL Webcomic Rec List! And I’ve also announced the winners for those who joined the contests for this feast.

It’s been fun hosting the 801 MMF and for the genre that’s close to my heart, I’d be happy to do this all over again. In fact, as someone said to me over at twitter, everyday’s a yaoi day so make sure to make yaoi/bl a part of your life. Now, not all of you may like the idea of BL but I’m quite sure that if you give some of our recs a try, you might enjoy BL — even for just a bit. If you really didn’t, thanks for trying.

There’s no next MMF just yet… so does this mean the last one goes on forever? Well, manga’s quite a bit of genres left and if you ask me, someone should tap into that Gekiga genre. <3

Anyway, thank you so much everyone who participated in this MMF! If you guys missed anything this week and want to see all the happenings for this 801MMF, hover over to our mmf: 801 tag!

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