Winrars for #801MMF

Well, you fujojos fought long and hard! I learned so much about you guys and didn’t think reverse kinks were quite popular!

But I truly appreciate it, I really do. You’ve made this week really fun and we had a chance to discover a lot about BL, didn’t we?

ANYWAY! On to the winrars!

Webcomic rec winrar: foxy lady ayame!

Name your kink winrars

The top four contributors are the winners for the name your kinks. So, cherryfetish, Dodo, Jun, and Moccino, holler and tell me which of the manga I’ve listed you want!

Art kink winrars

Congratulations to Melanofly and Yee Hun! 😀

For those who won, send me an e-mail at or send me a DM on  my twitter (@khursten) on how I can send your prizes to you.


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