#801MMF – 2013 BL Webcomic Rec List

I called and you delivered!

You never disappoint me, fujoshi. And here are your recommended BL Webcomics for this year.

It’s a really great mix from people all over the world, so have fun ladies! Make sure you keep your web browsers busy!

A Broken Winter

An elaborate comic of an elaborate world where the sun is gone and meat is a luxury. Two friends swear by a secret. A son survives in this tragedy. It’s not for the weak-hearted. The comic’s a very graphic depiction of war violence among other things. Still, the art is kinda good and for those who are looking for a more manga-inspired art for their webcomic.


Mace is quite a fellow. I really have a weakness for silver-haired types so to see Mace nekkid in the first few panels is quite a treat. Mace is the kind of guy that gets around and people know that. However, he couldn’t seem to remember who he was playing hooky with the night before and the mess he’s getting into. And there’s a parrot chasing after him. Curious thing this comic. It was quite a treat reading all the schmex though.

Closed Doors

The first few pages really reminded me of Ootsuki Miu. And maybe a bit of Nakamura Asumiko. Maybe even Est Em.  It has a heartbreaking beginning, about a guy falling in love with a married guy. Well he didn’t know he was married but yeah. I couldn’t stop myself from reading this and I had a long list to cover, yeah? But it’s quite short and I honestly want more. ;___; GIMME MOAR!

Elan Meets Rafa

This story reminded me of Prince of Cats where it has a far more serious tone in terms of comic. The washed style also makes it more introspective and reflective about Elan’s sexuality. Also Rafa. He’s quite a character.


Gaysome’s a funny comic about gay lives of men in Spain. It’s closer to a comic strip than it is a full comic but it’s quite cute! I enjoyed reading this one.

Grave Impressions

Noir’s one of my favorite genres and grave impressions seem to follow after it. The style’s akin more to classic western comics like Archie and maybe even a bit of Blondie or Dagwood. That said, it’s nothing like those strips and it seems the characters have some hidden agenda under their coats. If you know what I mean.


Well… it seems… that they’re each other’s types. “A comic with a chaotic medley of murder, mad science and man love.” I can deal with that. In fact, that sounds awesome.

In So Many Words

Besties with benefits. What’s not to like about that?


Post apocayptic world and there’s just two guys left? Not my usual cup of tea but with fantastic art like this, I’m not complaining. Well, they’re not exactly the last two guys either but they seem to be together everywhere.

Kaito Shuno

Sometimes, it’s the dialogues that get me. This comic was haphazardly done but the style improves much later.  This title was actually the most recommended so there must be a treasure in this. Will definitely give it a thorough look but at the very least, for now, I can say it’s quite funny. The story’s about a man named Kaito who was on his way to killing himself until Shino saved him.

Mahou Shounen Fight

This is quite a cute comic about a guy who wakes up one day to find that he’s ben possessed by a spirit that can turn him into a superhero. The same goes for his classmates!
It’s hilarious and quite well-drawn. There’s hints of BL here and there and I can’t pass that up, right?

Metro Jack

Noah’s trying to get a grip on his life: college and writing doesn’t seem to make things any better for him. Add his humongous housemate Norbert into the equation and somehow the answer lies in Norbert’s bed. Or something like that.

Not Yours Am I

I always have a crossdressing kink so when you have something like this, where a fraternal brother takes his sister’s identity to be with the guy that he loves well, that always makes me scream YES! And the fact that Kaden’s a bit slow on the uptake. I mean srsly… YOU’VE HAD YOUR EYES ON LYLE ALL THE TIME! A great combination and I love supportive moms. <3 Ah, such a fun read. <3

O Human Star

This was quite a surprise since it was quite a brand new style for me but the story was a pleasure to read and was quite a surprise. A guy dies and becomes an android to find that his old partner was the one who revived him. The things that science do. Among other things…


I wish I had time but I only managed to get through a quarter of this and it seems to be an elaborate world of various races where Tommy and Dake are a part of. It’s quite a fantasy realm and if high fantasy is your thing, you might enjoy Paradox.

Purpurea Noxa

Supernatural verse set in Pisa and Lucca! AND IT HAS BL!? Sign me up! This comic’s quite well drawn and I’m honestly quite impressed. It reminded me a bit of Yoneda Kou, if she did color for some reason. Must be the guns and the gangster feel.

Rock My World

There’s always a rockband comic somewhere, yeah?

Technicolor London

No! Don’t stop! This story about friends trying out something new is quite an interesting read. It’s a casual relationship but it might just be better than their old one.

The Gardener

Even we can’t resist the charms of a hot-looking gardener!


The author prides that this is a love story. It isn’t yaoi. It’s really focused on the relationship of Dylan and Joa, his loving Vampire. I’m amused with her story and it’s taken towards the turn of domestic. And I love domestic things. Don’t you want to live a happy domestic life with a vampire?

What Happens in Carpe Diem

Whut*Nani is an awesome free BL anthology online. They have articles on BL and such and of course they have BL comics. In this case, it’s What Happens in Carpe Diem. It’s a fantasy story of warriors trying to live in an MMORPG. Who says you can’t find your love online?

Young Protectors

Alex Woolfson and mates have another one after Artifice and it tickles my fancy since it has a lovely buffed old man as a top. Young Protectors takes a punch at superheroes where one young hero finds that he leans differently compared to the others. Hot oyaji in spandex comes in to set his confusions straight. Blessed things. Did I say hot oyaji?

Wow. What a list guys. I’d say more but I’m gonna curl in with my tablet and read all of these amazing stuff! <3 Thank you for all the contributors and I’ll announce which of you guys will win on Sunday! 😀

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