#801MMF – Fujojocast no. 1: Not enough BL in the world!

Right-o! Put three fujojos in a room and they talk about pr0n. Even in a skype chatroom.

For the 801 MMF, I’m happy to share some time with Anne Lee from Chic Pixel and Jocelyne Allen from Brain vs. Book to talk about something close to our hearts: Boy’s Love Manga

Anne Lee’s translated a number of titles for DMG and she’s currently doing her PhD on Boy’s Love. Jocelyne Allen is also a translator for Sublime but she’s got a roster of BL titles under her belt. On the other hand, I’m just a BL fan. lol. Well, Anne and I move around the same academic BL circles, so we get around.

Either way, for this podcast, we’re doing an overview of BL and prattle on about sound effects in BL and all that jazz!

OP & ED – Splash Free! from Free!

The Fujojocast Podcast Index

00:00 – 2:30 – Introductions
2:36 – Beginnings with BL
9:20 – Elements of a good BL/yaoi 
15:30 – Translating cultural nuances in BL
25:00 – Notes for cultural nuances in BL
28:00 – Anne’s Favorite Authors: Est Em, Basso, Yoshinaga Fumi
33:00 –  Jocelyne’s Favorites: What Anne Said, Kumota Haruko 
36:00 – My favorite: Nakamura Asumiko and why we can’t bring some of her works here
39:00 – Yoneda Kou
40:00 – Inoue Satou and Male BL Artists
41:00 – Gengoroh Tagame
42:00 – Ten Dance by Inoue Satou
44:00 – Craziest BL stories that you’ve read
Jocelyne – Incredible Kintaro 
Anne – Equus
Khursten – Chintsubu
50:00 – Vibrator Company
52:00 – Hey, It’s Me
53:00 – Things to look forward to in BL 
01:02:00 – BL going mainstream 
01:05:00 – Kusama Sakae: The Match Seller, The Bed of my Dear King
We had so much fun doing this podcast and I’m personally considering doing this quite regularly. I better invest on a good mic! 😀
If you guys have topics related to BL that you want to hear about, what would be the topic? I’d love to hear from you and hopefully maybe invite you to talk about your feels for the next Fujojocast! 😀

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1 thought on “#801MMF – Fujojocast no. 1: Not enough BL in the world!”

  • I really really really really enjoyed this!!! I was giggly the whole time and all blushes, but it was like i was talking with my long lost fujojo friends! But it was also very interesting!! I will continue to listen to whole series <3!!!!

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