#801MMF – The BL Fiyaysta Continues

So, hello! How are you, Fujojo? Are you still partying hard?

Well, we won’t be stopping until the MMF ends, so yeah! In case you’re late in the party, here’s some things that people have been bringing to this fiyaysta!

Sarah has been quite a hard partyer and she has added some more things past her review of Artifice. She opens up about her fujoshi life and even shares with us her favorite BL. Foxy Lady Ayame also drafted her list of favorites which is a good blend of new and old and a dash of Asumiko. Surprised that DMG picked up Graduates/Classmates (Dokyuusei and Sotsugyousei) as well. They’ve gotten Double Mints too but… hrmm… haven’t seen that around either. Speaking of old, Ash at Experiments in Manga speaks of the awesomeness that is Yamashita Tomoko with her title Black-Winged Love. I love this book. I really do. You should too. <3

These folks were quite brave for writing their favorite BL. I mean… that’s just so hard. For me, at least. I can’t even get my five kinks together! Well at tumblr, fuckyeahfujoshi has a more coherent idea of 3 kinks she likes. And if anything, I would probably pick titles written by what BL critics and scholars refer to as “New Wave”.  I mean, just look at Koketsu Dining! Is that your usual BL?

Anyway, the fiyaysta goes on. Ash has already ended his giveaway while I’m asking for your help to vote on which visual kinks you guys like. Some of my contests are still ongoing and ends on the 9th. So go, fujojo! Let’s party hard until the very end!


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