#801MMF: My top 5 kinks


I know how hard it was to ask you what your favorite kinks are. Because while you guys were writing your answers, I’ve been writing mine. Even as I write this, I’m also thinking of other things that I like. But in general, if titles have these kinks, I’d most likely love these titles.

So without further ado, my top kinks.


I would like to come forward and tell the world that oyajis are awesome. Nothing could be sexier than a healthy old man who’s got the world over his shoulders and still keeps his lover satisfied, right? Besides, oyaji is relative! Anyone older than you could be an oyaji. To a 16 yr. old boy, an oyaji could be a 30 yr. old man. Of course some would be a little older but in the land of BL, I’d like to think that the max for oyaji is 50. If we think about office romances, your section chief might be in his 30s, the deparmental head in his 40s, and the president in his 50s.

EW. 50s!? Khursten, that’s like your grandpa’s war buddy.

Well, if your grandpa looks like Anthony Bourdain, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Daniel Craig is 45 and no one’s complaining that he makes an old Bond. Colin Firth is 52. Hiroshi Abe is 49. Some men can age well and I’d like to think that should the land of BL give me a company president as a protagonist, then I can well damn imagine that he’s dressed to kill.

And did I tell you that they could possibly be wearing suits? Yes. They could.

There are of course some little things with the oyaji that I also love. I love them uke or reversed. I love them cold and collected. I also love them a little sarcastic about the world and skeptical about their young lover only to be dominated and seduced by the power of youth! I also love it when they spoil their lovers, letting them have their way. At times, the discipline also comes in handy.

I love them fretting though. It’s just so adorable when old men panic when their partners get aggressive.

And how can I forget about the suits? Oyajis are awesome with their suits.

Favorite titles with these oyaji feels: Ichigenme…. First Class is Civil Law vol. 2, Sora to Hara, All the Basso, All the Est Em, Love Mode, Oyajina, and many others… I’m forgetful okay!


There’s something sexy and quite affectionate about reverses. Ash and Jocelyne were keen on the power play involved with reverses which makes it really sexy knowing the characters have the power to control and please their lovers in any way that they can.

But I also love the emotive aspect of it, especially when a partner decides that he’ll be bottom for this round. It involves a lot of trust to give up your backside if you’ve been top for a while.

That said, I also like the idea of reserving just because that’s how he damn enjoys it. He can top or bottom. It doesn’t matter as long as he’s having fun.

Did I ever tell you how oyajis are almost always involved in this task? Isn’t that amazing? :3

Favorite titles with reverse feels: Love Mode, Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru, Gad Sfortunato, I think? … and others I forget.


Now, don’t start thinking that I love them food kinks with chocolate and whip cream smothered over another lover. Oh god, no. I’ve been traumatized by one of those older Beboy gold titles where kewpie served as a lube. NO. THIS IS NOT THE KINK I AM TALKING ABOUT.

What I’m referring to are the stories that involve the lover preparing food for his partner or those actively sharing a meal together. Whether he was a chef or just some guy who likes cooking. I get all the happy feels when they start eating regardless if the food is bad or not. Plus points if the food is actually good.

I love how their expression changes when they eat a meal. Also, I love it when the tension is high while they eat. “Why the crap are we eating when it’s obvious we want to get laid instead.” Boys, you’ll be grateful that you ate since I’m quite sure you’ll be drained as hell when you get at it.


Favorite titles with foodie feels: Ichigenme… First Class is Civil Law, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Itoshi no Nekkoke, Dining Bar Akira, and others… ugh I need some kind of memory thingie


… are tsundebest. I love them. I just looooove how they deny all these feelings only for their emotions to burst out in more ways than one.

I love to see them getting teased. I love to see them squirm. I love them go “It’s not like I love you, baka!”

Yes. We can see you don’t love him. We’re totally convinced.

Favorite titles with tsundebests: Ichigenme… First Class is Civil Law, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Love Mode, some Natsume Isaku titles, and many others…


This isn’t so much about BDSM or anything. But this is mostly the powerplay involved with people who have a power over another person. Rarely do authors get this right and more often than not, they just go straight towards the beating. But there’s no beauty in that.

I mean yes, technically, it’s amazing when you read equals in BL. But in master/servant relationships (butlers, bodyguards, etc.), I am amused when a well established man falls into pieces just because of one unfortunate fate that led him to be under the hands of another man.

Now he can be fortunate and this guy could be nice and amazing. And we can have nice and fluffy feels and be all right. But he can also be very unfortunate and meet the “wrong” guy only to discover that man carries a difficult burden and he feels that his obedience might just save him. Might. I don’t know. This rarely is a happy story but I love it, nonetheless. The feels are just… GAH.

Favorite titles: Love Mode, Blue Morning, Saezuru tori wa habatakanai, etc.

GOD THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT LIST EVER. I wanted to write childhood friends, crack, cutie pies, wankos, sex gods, AV idols, and actual kinks like stubbles, frotting, and rimming but in general, these are five things that will keep me reading a particular title and feel completely satisfied when it’s all over.

I also realize that I do have a bad memory. *sighs*

Anyway, here’s my list. What do you think of them? Have you guys given me answers to your kinks? :3

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8 thoughts on “#801MMF: My top 5 kinks”

  • We seem to share several of the same kinks! I’m not sure I can say that I have an oyaji kink specifically, but I definitely prefer reading about adult men over high school romances, and I enjoy reading about reading about those adult men dealing with their careers (Love Control comes to mind, and I love the above-mentioned Ichigenme). And coincidentally, Hiroshi Abe is one of my favorite Japanese actors!

    Reverses: Definitely one of my favorites, that I don’t see enough of in yaoi manga! Iwaki and Katou from Embracing Love were the first reversible couple that I came across and are still my top OTP. If there has to be a seme/uke division, I like it when they play against type and the uke is the more aggressive one, as in Future Lovers.

    Food: One of my top kinks, though not really in the sexy-kinky sense. Like you, I love stories where the couple shares a meal, or one lover cooks for the other. One of my absolute favorite yaoi manga scenes does not involve sex at all: the scene in vol. 1 of Love Control, when Okumura cooks a delicious pasta meal for Kei.

    Tsunderes: I have a soft spot for characters that try to repress their feelings and cover it up by acting either snarky or aloof. I’m not sure if Iwaki from Embracing Love counts as a tsundere, but I love the way he initially tries to deny his feelings for Katou. And I love Hiroki from Junjou Romantica, who most definitely is a tsundere!

  • You already have my top favorite, which is oyajis. I love me some oyaji love! Although I prefer my oyaji older than most, like in the 40s-50s range (♥w♥). Oyajis with glasses are best, imho.
    If I had to think of another fav kink, I’d include seme/uke dynamic inversion (like the big gruff dude on the streets is a sweet sub kitten in the sheets, that kind of thing), which is probably covered by reverses, whoops.
    And even though this isn’t sexual, dudes that blush, whether they’re ukes or not. It’s too cute and usually raises my opinion of a BL comic that much higher.

    • meep! See! I’ve forgotten about blushing boys! SRSLY! OTL. That’s just lethal and should be forbidden because it can kill fujojos in a heartbeat!

  • Reversible couples seem to be quite popular, huh? Equality and variety for the win! >.< Similarly when a seme in real life gets uke in bed, it's fascinating!
    Suits and especially uniforms are drool-inducing.
    Tsundere are indeed very cute when they are well-written… and fictional (always 😛 ). Onodera is totally moe~
    Well I go nuts for lots of touching and the cowboy position *blush*

  • I tried to on the other articles, but I just couldn’t resist sharing mine after this article.

    I don’t see this nearly enough to satisfy me and I can’t remember any at the momoent, one of my favs is a relaxed, even jovial older seme (I love oyajis as well) with a serious, humorless, younger uke, but not a tsundere, just someone who has gone through life with tunnel vision, possibly trying to be the good son since he will never be able to continue his family line.

    Megane seme with a twisted personality. I’m a total fountain of yes for just about any megane seme, but if they are mean and torturous (not abusive) or cold or possessive, I’m completely done for. However, for this one, it’s easy for them to slip into turn-off territory; it’s a delicate balance.

    This really shouldn’t be a kink, because it’s normal, but in BL, it’s not as common as the alternatives: two openly gay men openly interested in having sex with each other and it’s not a first time for either of them and neither is it a battle to see who will be on top. The Dawn of Love is one of my favs for this.

    Kissing without sex. Kissing with sex is nice, too, but I like kisses that are just meant to be a kiss and not a lead-in for horizontal play. Kisses just to say “I love you” or “good morning” are the best!

    A focus on some aspect of publishing. It’s so common, but not always interesting. I love the combination of men and books. No One Loves Me, Miyamoto Kano’s Publishing House Universe, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Pink, and Oh, & a Bowl of Moxa is Coming are some of my favorites. Natsumizu Ritsu’s Neko Koi series is probably one of the funniest. Looming deadlines really get me going.

    I also like the crying seme, the uke that owns or even flaunts his sexuality and desires, and brothers, but I’ll leave that for another time.

    • Crying semes are adorable. I think I remember you recc’d Mimurake no Musuko to me once. ;^; Best tears!

      And lol, your weakness for meganes. So does this mean that in your TeppeixHyuuga ship, it’s actually Hyuuga as a top? >w<) EHEHEHEHHEHE!!

      • Good question! I think Kiyoshi would have no problem receiving for Hyuuga or anyone he was in love with, but I think even on the bottom he would playfully take control. I see Hyuuga as only receiving for Kiyoshi; I don’t think his appreciation of his own sempai-ness allows for him to take direction from or submit to anyone but Kiyoshi and that’s mostly because he can’t win against Kiyoshi. No matter what, Kiyoshi’s always going to be at least half a step ahead of him because he’s more in touch with his emotions and that allows him to read other people’s and express his own more straightforwardly than Hyuuga and that expression always has a way of tripping Hyuuga up or calming him down. So try as he might, Hyuuga could easily be the one on top, but Kiyoshi will always be the one in control.

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