#801MMF – So what do you think of these kinks?

Okay! So, some enthusiastic artists  sent in their entries and they’re amazing and quite varied!

There are others in the comments section which is still ongoing, but with the kinks drawn closed, it’s time to ask what you guys think about these kinks.

By the way, at the end of this is a poll asking you, my readers, which of these submitted works are your favorites. You can choose two entries. The one with the most votes will get the BL Design Book while the runner-up will be taking the BL 48 Te book.

So now, on to the entries! 😀 (Note: Concept and themes will be NSFW, so yeah! Proceed with caution!)


I really like when a guy who looks is on top and the guy with seme look is on bottom. I’ve read few mangas like that. I mean why do always the tiny guy is on the bottom? They could switch places when having sex, this count too.

Khursten Notes: Lol. Reverses are such amazing things.  


My kink is basically when someone gets tested to his limit// Especially in denial or abandonment play. It’s great to see how the uke struggles to keep himself in check and slowly gets lost in pleasure due to the seemingly endless torture. ^^
I’ve been into Free! recently so somehow decided to draw Haruka >////<
Khursten Notes: OH! What. DID YOU WITHDRAW HARUKA FROM WATER!?! Look at that poor dolphin! But I must agree that this denial play is my favorite ‘torture’ especially when it’s done to tsunderes and they’re pushed to say JUST GIVE IT TO ME!


My biggest kink is BDSM (standing for: bondage & discipline, domination & submission, sadism & masochism) the moment the pain and the pleasure blend and create something completely different and of course more enjoyable, I specially love when either of them is scared or afraid of the pain they’re feeling and then they start feel aroused to the point they need pain to climax.

There’s nothing as good as a bleeding nose or a bruised eye, it makes guys become more beautiful to me (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) (of course this doesn’t imply violence in the relationship, as long as both parts are playing the pet/master game and enjoying themselves)

Khursten’s Notes: As long as there’s consent… Although, I’m weak from these kinds of kinks.


Conflicted feelings of older men wearing suits and glasses…

Khursten Notes: Crud. I just… OYAJIS ARE THE BEST.

Yee hun

No idea how this kink is called, but I really like scenes that concerns the hands and/or fingers seducing/touching/playing the bottom.

Khursten Notes: Nothing else does it better than some sexy yaoi hands, yeah?

ANYWAY! There are our entries! Now quick! Answer the poll below!

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