Fujojocast #2: What we love about Free

So gather 5 girls in skype to talk about Kyoto Animation’s and mayhem ensues.

Well… we tried to behave.

Kyoto Animation’s summer offering, Free, just ended last week and while our feels were still fresh, I gathered some friends to talk about their thoughts and emotions about the series.

With me are some friends from tumblr: Kat (batgirls), Taka (takanye), Airin (icecreambat), and Nozmo (junjouprince). And we spent a good time talking about abs, olympics, Australia, and this series just exceeded our expectations.

In case you guys haven’t caught up to speed, you can watch Free! in Crunchyroll! Then listen in on our podcast and share your feels.

Note: I apologize for the awful recording quality I have. ;__; Made a mistake with the microphones and so yeah… :< Sadness. Will fix that in the next podcasts. But do listen in! The girls sounded awesome though.


Download here.

Fujojocast No. 2: What We Love about Free!

OP: Taste the Satisfaction (Free Soundtrack, Ever Blue)
ED: Splash Free (Free Soundtrack, Ever Blue, Free! ED)

Episode Index

00:00 – 2:17 Introductions
2:20 – Expectations of the Anime
6:20 – When did your expectations of the anime change?
10:00 – High Speed and Haru
15:00 – Favorite characters
18:00 – Rin Matsuoka and his amajing
21:00 – Free! charas as shounen chara stereotypes
23:00 – “There’s no canon ship here but friendSHIP”
27:00 – Did it have to be Rei?
28:00 – “It had to be Rei”
30:00 – Rin talking to hobos & the Australia experience
38:00 – Fears for the last episode
40:00 – “I just want Rin to be happy”
41:00 – In defense of Rin Matsuoka
47:00 – Free!’s potential after the first season
54:00 – “It sold itself more on the friendships than it did on the sport”
58:00 – The Free!Boys 5 years from now
1:05:00 – The betrayal of otaku and an anime just for us
1:16:00 – Free! breaking expectations of anime usually aimed towards fujoshi
1:18:00 – Expectations for upcoming fujoshi titles (e.g. Meganebu!)
1:22:00 – Thank you ladies!!

This was so much fun! I actually didn’t imagine that I will last until episode two. But I suppose that’ll get things rolling and I’m starting to get more ideas for the podcast.

So, do you want to join me for the fujojocast? Do you have an idea for the show? Don’t hesitate to e-mail me and if schedule and time permits, we can talk about it in the next fujojocast! Or you might receive a stalkery e-mail or message from me as well.

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