Osamu Tezuka’s Secret to Creativity

This is an NHK documentary called Osamu Tezuka: Sousaku no Himitsu. It was done in 1985 and it looks at the man’s life, work, and contribution to Japan. If you didn’t know the amazing of Tezuka, then see a glimpse of it in this video. Fortunately, the uploader shared it with English subs too!

This guy has done a lot for manga and has inspired quite a number of people to put their dreams and fantasies in panels. For girls comics (shoujo manga), a lot of female artists have shared that Tezuka’s Princess Knight (Ribon no Kishi) was an inspiration for them to draw girls’ comics. Although, I’d probably leave Sapphire in a class of her own as Tezuka has had his own hits and misses with female representation.

Nonetheless, seeing this made me really understand his amazing contribution not just to Japan but to comic art as a whole. I believe we did a Manga Moveable Feast on Osamu Tezuka a few years back. If you feel like reading up a little more on him, you can check out our Tezuka MMF archive.

I just saw this link randomly in my twitter dash late last night and couldn’t find who I got this from to give proper credit. But wow, a documentary to see Osamu Tezuka at work! While I have a vague idea how he does it (his life work tells a lot), it’s still nice to see the god of manga move around and show his craft.

This probably goes around the line of other awesome video of manga folks drawing their craft. I… should possibly post those here soon-ish.

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