#801MMF: The Fiyaysta So Far

HAH! And you fujojos thought you’re safe in your quiet little holes, mumbling naughty sounds uke make while they’re getting pummeled by their seme. Oh wait… you don’t do that!?! You should! It’s a very liberating experience as a fujoshi and I personally find it educational in your learning of Japanese.

However these fujojos seem to have better things to do than reading their pr0n out loud. And I’m so happy they found the time to gather their feels about BL.

Now, I’ve done my bit of homework and wrote a bit about Boy’s Love Manga, how the Japan and the rest of the English speaking world views it. I’ve also written a bit about the Fujoshi Manga Bible: what some critics consider as seminal reading, if you know what I mean?

… Alright. So you don’t. Well at least Terry Hong gives it a shot by reading Heart of Thomas. Even Johanna Draper Carlson managed to pick a few of her seminal readings1! Maya Lassiter took her reading seriously by listing down her selection of the best character driven BL stories that feature salarymen. I love salarymen. Particularly the old ones. But in case you don’t like old men – I MEAN – salarymen, she also listed down her favorites when it comes to high school boys and university blokes. She sure did get all her bases covered2.

Okay. So my puns are NOT working AT ALL.

But you know what, at lease Jocelyne is getting into the spirit of things! She’s a translator by day and she gets her hands into the dirtiest stuff EVER. Last year, her gift to 801 is sharing her interview with Est Em. This year, she collected the nastiest stuff she’s ever translated. At the same time, she’s also drafted a contest asking you fujojos what’s your favorite BL title! Based on her post, she’s giving away a lot of Hetalia’s AmericaxEngland doujins. I even see a Gintama doujin there and I’ll see if I can snag that title!

Speaking of contests: Have you joined Ash’s contest in his site? It’s quite simple: just name an artist whose work you’d like to read more in English. You’ll never know. Sublime and DMP might be listening.

Outside of BL is Sarah Hayes’ contribution to the MMF: a glimpse into Artifice! Now, fujojo, Artifice has been in our BL webcomic recs last year but I’m quite sure my blurb is not enough so enjoy Sarah’s article.

Now fujojo, you are more than welcome to participate in this MMF! If you wanna know how: read here. I’m also hosting a contest for you fujojos to win some awesome books! *A*) I honestly wish I’d win them myself but I… can’t! >A<)9

Just a reminder: the new BL webcomic recs and the art submissions for Name your Kinks end on 05 August 2013, 12 a.m. EST. I’ve received a few… BUT I WANT MORE.

You have a few days left so keep it coming, fujojo! In the meantime, I hope est em’s drunken salaryman centaur has entertained you.

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