#801MMF Giveaway No. 2: Name your kinks

Fujojos, wat do?

I’ve been stuck in a limbo trying to find some few titles to write about without knowing, what do you fujojos exactly want?

Well other than SCHMEX, I know you fujojos can get specific. A kink meme is a litany to our needs thus here I am asking, what are your favorite kinks in BL manga?

If you give me an answer, I’ll give you a reward.


This is open to all those who can draw. If you can convince us that your favorite kink is awesome with a stick drawing, then by all means! What I’m asking is you simply draw your kink. You can be graphic or non-graphic. You can write a 150 word caption to accompany your drawing but nothing more than 150! Your art’s got to do some convincing as well.

All drawn kinks must be submitted by 3 August 2013, 12 AM, EST (EDIT: MOVING THIS TO 5 AUGUST 2013 12 AM).  It’s a short time, I know, but I’ve seen you fujojos draw faster than gif set in tumblr! Doesn’t have to be hi-res either. An A4 dimension on a 100 px will do. If you wanna submit something bigger, that’s cool, but know that I’ll be resizing it to post it for people to vote on. Winners will be announced on 10 August 2012

YES. People will vote for your kink and the kink with the highest votes gets to win the awesome BL LOVE SCENE DESIGN BOOK, a collection of various BL schmex poses IN EVERY ANGLE available in both print and digital format which you can use as ‘inspiration’ when drawing your kinks. It even comes with a CD which… I don’t know what it does. I suppose 3D render of schmex? Who knows! IT CAN BE YOURS!


The runner-up will be winning the BL 48 手book, a collection of the famed 48 Japanese sexual poses, BL style. Again, something that may inspire you to draw more porn.


It’s crazy. I know. But I’ve seen it. So why not? Wanna convince me that a Barista kink is the best thing since sliced pie? Then make me a powerpoint of maximum of 5 slides just to tell me why baristas have more fun than the rest. Or whatever kink you have. Salarymen? Sure. Oyajis? Beat me to it. I personally prefer powerpoints with no sounds and fancy animation so if you give me a wonderful argument as clear as crystal.

I get to choose the winning powerpoint slide and the winners gets to win either one of the following: The Heart of Thomas (Eng version) or The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame (Eng Version).

Entries can be submitted as late as August 9, 2013, 12 A.M. EST!


Okay! Chill out, fujojo. You can also just place a comment below listing your top 3 kinks and a sentence on why you like each and one of them (if you wish, but if you give me an essay, then do so) and 4 random comments from below get a chance to win either one of the following: Blue Morning (ENG) by Hidaka Shouko, False Memories (ENG) by Natsume Isaku, 10 Dance (JP) by Inoue Satoh, and Udagawacho de Mattete (JP) by Hideyoshico.

Only replies before 9 August 2013, 12 A.M. EST will be recognized. 1 entry per person, okay!


Apart from the top 3 kink comments, you can send in your drawings and powerpoints to punkednoodle-at-gmail.com with the title header [801MMFkinks]. Give me your username (whether in tumblr or twitter) and a copy of your file. Don’t make your file any bigger than 5 MB.

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24 thoughts on “#801MMF Giveaway No. 2: Name your kinks”

  • 1.- Crossdressing: the humiliation/embarrassment from wearing girls clothes/underwear~ tickles my little *coughS*cough* heart

    2.-Kemonomimi/animal features: fuwafuwa (fluffy) tails and ears, spice up the adorable-ness or the sexy wildness of a charater, it can only be foreplay or fantasy oriented theme (a good example of this is Ukyou Ayane’s “Neko series”)

    3.-Reversibles: I love the change of the dynamics, it gives more realism to the relationship, extra points if there’s height difference and it’s even better when the character who used to be the uke grows up to be the seme~

  • Exposed nape… It’s really beautiful, esp. when you’re somewhere behind looking at neck movement. Take for example cello players… Uggghhh does this count as a kink???

    Next is crying, getting emotional. Most likely there’ll be tears-licking afterwards and then some face-eating make-out session where there are no words spoken for a while and just feeling the love or whatever. It’s sweet and all, plus crying boys look cute * v * )b

    Blindfold and then subtle touches/caresses… because when you’re blindfolded it seems that your other senses are heightened plus there’s the element of surprise since you don’t know that the other person will do… *cough Nakamura Asumiko’s Aroma series cough*

  • first thing comes to my mind when talking about kinks is nipples play. i absolutely love to see it in manga, especially with some authors like Ootsuki Miu or Watanabe Asia, when they draw the nipples perking up and the top licking, fondling, biting them teasingly… best kind of foreplay and it always undoes me successfully for the main course.

    on that note, feminine boys are my weakness and so seeing them being ravished by a strong ripped man really pushs my button. double combo when comes with nipples play.

    and then i have another kink that is totally contrary to my second one: reversible, two men being equal. in bed, yes, but they are also equal in their personalities, their abilities, everything. and that i can’t help but think it’s the most beautiful form of BL. (though i don’t get to see this much in manga D:)

  • I love all the kinks, all of them! But a few of my faves are 1) Sex outside the OTP, maybe out of curiosity or generosity, or someone’s not ready to commit yet, or as seen in flashbacks. Bonus points if the partner can deal with it maturely and matter-of-factly instead of with anger/tears/jealousy.

    2) Hmm, I don’t know what to call it, body appreciation? When characters acknowledge or admire each other’s handsomeness/beauty/bodies, like express enjoyment at seeing their partner naked for the first time, or compliment their skin or say “you’re so pretty” or caress the muscles in their arms or idk. Includes massage!

    3) A cracky one, maybe it falls under the size-kink heading, but mini-people! Like action figures come to life or full-size people shrunk down, and used for …purposes.

    • Yes it may! I might have to redirect to a different image site if it’s too much. But yes, it’ll be accepted. <3

  • Just one from me. Everything else that comes to my mind right now are anti-kinks. Distribution of roles in bed that ‘just is’ borders on a pet peeve for me; reversible is cool. What I enjoy the most, however, is when the more resolute and assertive of the partners prefers to be on bottom during sex because he enjoys it more that way. Bonus points for bad language with a fair dose of sarcasm when his expectations are not met. In fact, I suppose you could say that things going somewhat awry in bed and the persons involved voicing their displeasure in not-so-polite language counts as a second kink. Hot sex scenes are great, but awkward sex is yay, too. <3

  • fufufuf I do know what to draw *plugs tablet’s USB*, so it’s just one entry per person? if I submit a drawing then I can’t get a chance to win Udagawacho de Mattete? (fav)

    • You’ll have to choose one! If you want to win Udagawacho de Mattete, you’ll just have to write your kinks here. You may draw them, but I won’t count it. 😀

      What I mean is, I won’t count it for the drawing bit but will count it for the books. :3

  • Oh, I have all sorts of kinks, but here are the first three that came to mind:

    “Reversible”–I like guys who can take it as well as they can give it. This also tends to mean more options and creativity in the bedroom, and less reliance on established gender roles.

    Three(plus)somes–What’s better than two guys enjoying each other’s company? Three (or more!) guys enjoying one another’s company. Orgies are fun, but its even better if the participants have relationships outside of sex, too.

    Megane–I have a glasses fetish. Anyone who wears glasses automatically gets bonus points. (And it’s not just because I wear glasses, too, I swear!)

    • Ooh, reversible’s on my list too! I totally love the shifting power dynamics. Which equals more interesting storytelling in my opinion.

    • Who doesn’t love a good megane? <3

      I too have a weakness for these things, particularly ribas/reverse. They're a lethal bunch, yeah? You just… never know… when… you know… they could… ; w;) Yeah. The power dynamics is interesting too but I also love the emotive aspect when they switch. <3

  • What only 3, yo this’ll be difficult but alright ima go all out because this is just going to be me spilling all my nonsensical kink feels and condensing them into. um. hopefully coherent sentences. I’m gonna apologize in advance if they end up becoming run-ons of nonstop blabbering.

    Alright, let’s get this started in no particular order:

    1. Biting.

    Preferably at the shoulders, earlobes, junction between neck and shoulders also works, but anywhere else is all good too. This is a pretty common one yeah but I not only like it just because it’s a gesture of possession (which could be considered romantic in a kinky sense?? borderline yandere-ish maybe?) but because it looks hella sexy afterwards to have the biter drag their tongue in and around the bitemarks they made, all before peppering it with gentle kisses and puppy licks to soothe the sting. It’s that switch from rough and domineering to sweet and loving that just gets to me for some reason and I love it.

    2. Orgasm Denial

    Okay another typical one but hear me out okay. It’s not uncommon to have the bottom guy in a writhing mess when the top goes all seme-mode and pleasures him senseless like good semes do – HOWEVER, it just makes it extra delicious to have the bottom (preferably ones who are stubborn and hardheaded) practically squirming ’cause he can’t completely get off – whether it be due to the use of toys/restraints or his lover being a teasing ass and refuses to remove the hand wrapped around his ding-a-ling. And that frustrates him profusely, but he can’t do anything about it and it makes him even more hot and bothered, so the sight of him maybe vainly rutting against the bedsheets or even thin air in a desperate attempt to come is just hot. He’s basically so overwhelmed at this point that he’s all but begging to be released and that would make him look the cutest and. and ohgod imsorryidon’tknowwhatimsayinganymore but. uh. the imagery of it pleases me a lot I guess and just. yeah.

    …moving on.

    3. Mouth fingering

    Before they’re doing it, while they’re doing it – it doesn’t matter! Seeing the bottom guy sucking on the other’s fingers makes me squee for reasons I can’t even explain. It might not be the same as sucking on a meatsack if you catch my drift, but I guess with fingers it’s more…idek. The top can move his fingers freely as he likes in the other’s mouth, holding and pulling his wet tongue out, causing saliva to drip down from the corners of pink, bruised lips – dO YOU SEE WHERE I’M GETTING AT? Maybe it’s just me but I really, really will get ecstatic if I see it in a bl manga and would probably re-read the parts a couple times before finally getting to the next page. It’s not even that kinky but?? I like it? A lot??

    So, there you have it! My top 3 kinks.

    ….man, I feel like such a perv. Anyways, that’s all I have to share! T’was fun. I’m not sure if I should leave my username for tumblr here or not? But if anything it’s: ‘skepticminds’ but I mostly use and prefer my side one which is ‘bitsandpieces-o-junk’.

    • Wow! Your reply made me blush just imagining these kinks. I honestly wish we can go on forever. <3 If you have the top 10 though, what will you write? :3

      • Aha believe me, I could go on for a while ;> And uwah, are you really sure you want to know all 10? I’m going to really end up writing an essay if I do…but mhn, I’ll just list the rest out then…just mostly listing *sweats*.

        Some of these might be kinda weird though, just forewarning.

        So there’s foodplay (whispers esp. w/whip cream), reversible, toys, crotchstepping, muscular guys, use of aphrodisiac, and I might just like abitofbondagetoocoughs. If I were to write why I’m particularly fond of all of these ones, I’m going end up as a flaming tomato. But hey, I’m curious as to what’s your fave kind of kinks too, mod ;3

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