Oishinbo MMF: The Sixth Course of Bread,Spaghetti, and Green Tea?

It’s been a busy day yesterday and I apologize for not compiling the summary any sooner. Despite this, I’m more than pleased that not a lot of people lost heart and still continued to submit to the feast!

For this course, I’ve taken a look at how Oishinbo is made to look like it’s an exotic cuisine in the English editions. I found this particularly problematic as it made it appear that Oishinbo was a post-colonial manga. In many ways it is but if the editions balanced the presence of the various cuisines present in Oishinbo, then it would have given justice to the series’ faithfulness in showing Japan’s culinary tension and the “globaization” of their cuisine.

Over at Experiments in Manga, Ash Brown looks at the budding romances in Oishinbo. It’s a really fun and light-hearted view of the comic. To add, in the Japanese editions, many of Kurita and Yamaoka’s female officemates actually found their husbands in either an Ultimate Menu trip or a foodie adventure. Food definitely binds people together!

I am quite pleased that there are a lot of dishes submitted for the sixth course and most of them are from Kitchen Princess! Now, isn’t this a nice proof that these dishes are actually feasible? 😀 In Reading is Delicious, Izandra tests two dishes from the series: Yoghurt Bread and Neapolitan Spaghetti. She really made it appear like baking bread is easy peasy! The Neapolitan spaghetti is also something quite interesting because for a dish that names itself after an Italian town, in Japan, it has ingredients not used in Italian cooking! Neapolitan spaghetti is to meat spaghetti or spaghetti Bolognese to Americans. It’s an easy dish that everyone loves to eat and make in Japan. Except… if you’re Aoba. In Anime B&B, Marina tried making a Green Tea Creme Brulee! I’m honestly impressed with all these budding chefs who make an effort in cooking such complicated dishes! Good job, guys!

Some people were moved to review thanks to the feast. Lori Henderson looked at Neko Ramen, a title I’m curious about considering how adorable it looks and how cute it is to see a cat making their own ramen stall! However Lori’s funny bone didn’t get tickled with this title. Sweetpea from Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses looks at Kitchen Princess, a title we know we could learn a lot of good food from! Terry Hong from Book Dragon started his own wine journey by reading through the first three volumes of Drops of God. And in Heart of Manga, Laura Mucciarone looks at The Manga Cookbook which uses manga as a means of instruction in making Japanese food.

That’s quite a heavy serving and quite rightfully so as we begin to wrap up this Moveable Feast. Tomorrow (err… today for some) is the last day for the MMF, so if you have any other dishes, do send ’em over with the hashtag #oishinbommf at twitter or email my gmail: punkednoodle. Thankies!

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