Yapapa Happosai

This post was not supposed to happen; however, after seeing fun changes over at twitter, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to contribute to the upcoming MMF. But what should I write about Rumiko Takahashi? It’s like asking a child her favorite candy inside a candy shop!

It’s impossible, really impossible for me to write one thing down without endlessly rambling on to the next piece. Simply put, and I’m quite sure this is something everyone could admit, her works has touched our lives more than what we could ask for. We could all talk about Rumiko Takahashi fondly but a part of me thinks that there are things that we pass off the radar. Maybe it’s because we want to forget. Maybe it’s because it’s hard to admit that perhaps she may have created one of the most unforgettable characters in manga. Oh no, we’re not talking about the bravest heroes in Ranma and Inu Yasha. I’m talking about the greatest evil we have trapped in a cave in our deepest manga memories: Happosai.

I have this impression that nobody likes Happosai. I mean, who would!? He’s an old ugly fart who loves nothing but boobs and martial arts. The man’s hedonistic ways is the kind that definitely gets prosecuted in this day and age. We’ve heard the horror stories of Genma and Soun and their rigorous “training” under the great master. We’ve seen the old man in action, flipping skirts like the wind, scaling heights to catch glimpses of lovely bosoms in bath houses. We can’t stand a lecher like him and yet here I am writing about him as if paying homage to his deeds.

Well I’m not exactly paying homage to his deeds…

I really just want to say that I actually like Happosai! He’s an interesting old man.

I must be nuts to think that old man’s funny and crazy. Out of all the characters that Rumiko Takahashi has ever written, I think Happosai’s one of the most unforgettable characters out there. I can’t think of any other character as bad and as crazy as him and if ever someone asked me who is the craziest character I’ve ever seen in manga, he’s first on my list.

It amazes me that no matter how great his students are none of them could actually beat him down unless they fight evil with evil. And it’s hilarious how they’ll choose to use a cheap trick against him and even then, the battle’s just half-won. He’s as persistent as a tick but I love how Takahashi gives us small doses of him enough to give us a laugh but not so much to get sick of his routine. His tricky ways livens up not only the characters but us as well. We want him dead, but we know that we actually enjoy having him around. We scream his name in annoyance but it’s thanks to him that we learn the word “ero jiji.”

I can’t think of a better man who would best describe the word “ero jiji.” There are no doubts on Happosai’s perverse ways but his age has shown that he’s wise enough to be a cunning old man who could get away with his tricks. Other old men are pale in comparison to Happosai. In fact, I think his age proves that only experience can pull off what other boys can’t pull off: be a tricky little pervy boy and get away with it.

Happosai’s just an old man having some fun. And I’m quite sure that while none of you will ever admit it, some of you might have had your Happosai schemes and hope to get away with it. There’s a little Happosai in every boy but it takes a whole lot to master the techniques of this Ero Jiji.

If only I had time, I’d possibly compile them, but I’ll leave that for another day. For now, it’s enough to proclaim to the world that this dirty old pervert has a fan in me. So thank you, Rumiko Takahashi for this old lecher. Ranma won’t be just as fun without him. T^T)b

This post is a contribution to this month’s Rumiko Takahashi’s Manga Moveable Feast as hosted by Rob Mcmonigal. Watch out the site for the next few days and I’m quite sure you’ll find far more interesting, less lecherous things to love about Rumiko Takahashi’s works.

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