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#801MMF Spotlight: BL’s New Wave

When a couple of Japanese BL scholars went down to Manila, I spent a good week with them – interviewing local female artists and getting to know BL fans in Manila. During down time, they had a chance to ask me, “What kind of BL […]

801 MMF: A Fujojo Fiyaysta!

801. Yaoi. Boy’s Love. Tanbi. Shounen-Ai. BL. Pr0n.  Call it whatever you want. Fujoshi. Fudanshi. Fujojo. Call us whatever you want. We probably wouldn’t care because all we know is that 8/01 is our special day and here in Otaku Champloo we’ll be celebrating a […]

History MMF: Little Loud Voices: World War II Remembered by 3 Artists

War is a victorious, perhaps bitter, maybe a painful playground for adults. In war, we imagine soldiers moving to shoot their enemies, nurses rushing to heal the injured, politicians and generals posing in front of battle plans, and civilians running away from the crossfire. Our […]

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History MMF: #24 – Ooku no Ko by Bikke

Tudors England is quite tricky — especially when you have a king who’s been hacking off his wives’ heads. One can only imagine the level of distrust in a royal court filled with intrigue and political turmoil. Ooku no K0, Child of the Kingdom, by […]

History MMF: Hajimari

Hajimari. Beginning. The start. The foundation. The cause. Many of us often neglect the beginning because we’re so caught up in the present and the future. We often assess today — with hopes to move forward — and yet we tend to forget and reflect […]

Oishinbo MMF: 7 Unlicensed Food Manga Worth Looking At

This was a difficult set to write because it was difficult to whittle down the list to seven. This week/month, I’ve been reading various food manga and here are the seven titles that I enjoyed… right now. I have a feeling that if I read […]

Oishinbo MMF: A pancake from a loving granddaughter

Oishinbo MMF: A pancake from a loving granddaughter

I’m not a dessert person. AT ALL. Thus, as much as I’d like to try all these amazing desserts in Oishinbo, I know I will be bound for failure. But I did recognize that my meaty offerings of beef and bacon might not be to […]

Oishinbo MMF: The Sixth Course of Bread,Spaghetti, and Green Tea?

Oishinbo MMF: The Sixth Course of Bread,Spaghetti, and Green Tea?

It’s been a busy day yesterday and I apologize for not compiling the summary any sooner. Despite this, I’m more than pleased that not a lot of people lost heart and still continued to submit to the feast! For this course, I’ve taken a look […]