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More than just an eye for BL: Fujoshi’s Queer Affective Literacies

More than just an eye for BL: Fujoshi’s Queer Affective Literacies

Well, didn’t think a meme would be apt for this moment but I really feel that it has been a journey from this blog to this journal article.

The Multicultural Face of Boys Love

The Multicultural Face of Boys Love

BL has changed in ways that breaks language and spatial barriers. I reflect on the increasingly multicultural face of boys love. What do you think? Join me and you

I’m alive!!

I’m alive!!

From time to time, I wonder if I have outgrown this blog. The fact that I’m writing this after some while means I haven’t.

Talks on democratising youth media and glocal dōjin works

Hello! It’s been a while! Since I last posted, I’ve done so many things like pass my thesis, prepare a conference, and uproot my life from Australia. It’s a bit crazy but all is well and good! Throughout the month, I’ll be giving some talks […]

Let’s party, fujojo! It’s 801 (yaoi) no hi!

Hey fujojos! Happy Yaoi no Hi!! If you’ve been abstaining from your delusional thoughts over boys falling in love, then it’s the perfect time to indulge yourself and bask in BL all day long. For all you trashy fujojos, it’s an opportunity to revisit your […]

Manga Resolution for 2015: All about Josei

As I was writing down my favourite reads of last year, I sat back and wondered, how much attention did I give to josei that year? I remember writing last year about the silence on josei but did I even make an effort to tackle […]

C87 Envy

Comic Market 87 (C87) is happening and I’m having the C87 blues. With all my favourite circles announcing all their new doujinshi, I want to go back to Tokyo Big Sight right now! I wanna go back to the battlefield! I wanna fight for my […]

Crafty Japanese Book Covers

Do you guys cover your books? I do. Well I try to. When I was younger, usually before the school year begins, I love spending an entire day just wrapping up my books in plastic. As years go by, I developed an art to it. […]

A guide to visiting Free!’s Iwatobi (Iwami, Tottori)

When I planned my trip to Japan last April, I had one non-negotiable location. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a fujoshi spree in Ikebukuro. Nor was it even paying homage to Akihabara. There was one thing that I really wanted to do in Japan — I wanted […]

Fujoshi Shopping Guide in Japan

So you’ve been seeing all these blogs or twitters highlighting these so and so items for these so and so anime at these so and so events. Chances are, you’d want these items. Chances are, you’ll be going to Japan soon. Chances are, these are […]