More than just an eye for BL: Fujoshi’s Queer Affective Literacies

More than just an eye for BL: Fujoshi’s Queer Affective Literacies

Well, didn’t think a meme would be apt for this moment but I really feel that it has been a journey from this blog to this journal article.

The Silence on Josei Manga

So Ed Chavez posted a really interesting question on twitter the other day. Why aren’t we talking about Josei? It made me think a bit about the genre, reflecting on the things that have been posted and realised, yes, we’ve been quite mum about Josei. […]

Sneak Peek at 2011 Manga Taishou List

Sneak Peek at 2011 Manga Taishou List

It’s Manga Taishou season again and I haven’t even started reading Therma Romae (once… I find my copy somewhere). Out of all the award ceremonies, I tend to enjoy the selection in Manga Taishou because these manga do not disappoint at all. Some awards tend […]

Oh My Jump Heroines

How do you like your Shounen Jump heroine? Do you love her dressed in a pristine school uniform, where her smiling face (and possibly panties or if your lucky, cleavage) grace every panel? Do you like her making bentou for the hero, sharing laughs right […]

Translation Woes

Mr. Welsh, I feel you. There is an ongoing frustration among English manga readers of not getting their hands on some really good mangas. My friends alone would make it a habit to ask me what happened in the latest Nodame or Moyashimon not because […]

Making manga out of anything

I’m in the midst of post amazement season. I’ve been watching/reading this really funny series named Moyashimon. It’s been running for a month and I’ve been pimping their widget, the yellow thingie at the side that has rounded floating objects that would scream “Kamosuzo1” and […]

Finding your place in this strange copyright mess

Okay. So Japan requests that America should put some kind of regulation with the distribution of anime online1 . Perhaps in the same strength that Odex tries to control the Singapore market? A part of me says that this kind of deal is fair. When […]

Mixing East with the West.

This weekend, I can’t help but enjoy John Jakala’s slew of ideas with regards to mixing mangakas with amecomi. :3 Actually for the past two weeks, he’s been enjoying the idea of mixing eastern stories with that of the west. My favorite was the Yotsuba […]

Global manga confusion.

Not being able to read some of my feeds during the weekend caused me to react late about some things about this whole Global Manga rantage. The need to blog about the topic is almost ‘monumental’. In history, it is often in rabid rants and […]

It’s been a year…

… and I missed my celebration! ??????(?????????) ?????????????!! I honestly wasn’t able to keep track of when I actually actively started this blog and it turned out that my site went in motion on August 23 and I forgot to celebrate. lol. I’ve been busy […]