I’m alive!!

Chillin’ like Takane (from Takane and Hana vol. 10, Viz ed.)

From time to time, I wonder if I have outgrown this blog. The fact that I’m writing this after some while means I haven’t.

I’m not exactly sure where to start this post. It’s been a while and I feel like I’m relearning the roads on how to write and prepare content for this blog. My energies have been redirected so much to my work and research that this little partner of mine, one that has led to so much of my research, has been set aside for publications and my monograph.

Suddenly, I found myself with something that I’ve lost since I’ve returned back home — TIME. And I’m taking advantage of this sweet time to reconnect with this space.

As I found myself reviewing the madness I’ve written over the years, I realise that the world this blog navigates has dramatically changed. The once clear-cut borders that prevented access for many are now being taken down by commercial networks who are taking control of content. The community is so diverse and vastly informed that anime and manga’s transforming across the globe. The narratives I knew are changing. I cannot even recognise what’s Shonen Jump!

As much as I usually complain over changes, I am particularly amused and entertained by some of the change in anime and manga culture and the bullheaded nature of some cultural stalwarts. For that, I want to keep blogging. To document my own reflections on these changes. To capture the transformations that I find interesting. And perhaps, like before, to inform friends on some fun reads.

I am giggling on how forgiving blog posts are compared to academic articles. It’s really been a while. It feels liberating. Not gonna lie, I find that a bit scary.

I have content lined up soon so I hope you look forward to it!

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