Fujoshi travels

C87 Envy

Comic Market 87 (C87) is happening and I’m having the C87 blues. With all my favourite circles announcing all their new doujinshi, I want to go back to Tokyo Big Sight right now! I wanna go back to the battlefield! I wanna fight for my […]

A guide to visiting Free!’s Iwatobi (Iwami, Tottori)

When I planned my trip to Japan last April, I had one non-negotiable location. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a fujoshi spree in Ikebukuro. Nor was it even paying homage to Akihabara. There was one thing that I really wanted to do in Japan — I wanted […]

Fujoshi Shopping Guide in Japan

So you’ve been seeing all these blogs or twitters highlighting these so and so items for these so and so anime at these so and so events. Chances are, you’d want these items. Chances are, you’ll be going to Japan soon. Chances are, these are […]

Fujoshi Visits: Namja Town (Yowapeda Event)

A few weeks prior to my trip, one BL author, Mio Junta, had been tweeting a couple of Yowamushi Pedal goods in her twitter. Not only did she tweet about her dining experience but she also tweeted tons of awesome and really cute images of […]

Nefarious planning for your Fujoshi holiday

For friends in twitter, you probably know where I was last month or so. 😀 When my roommate moved to Tokyo for a year for his research (and I, in turn, moved to Australia), I made a vow that I will abuse his couch and […]