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The Silence on Josei Manga

So Ed Chavez posted a really interesting question on twitter the other day. Why aren’t we talking about Josei? It made me think a bit about the genre, reflecting on the things that have been posted and realised, yes, we’ve been quite mum about Josei. […]

This Fujojo will be in Room801!

Hallo Fujoshi and Fudanshi! This weekend is gonna be aaaawwwweeeesooooomesauce! I’m so excited to attend Room 801, Australia’s Yaoi and Yuri Con this weekend! Is this my fate to attend awesome BL cons? Maybe I’ll make it my mission to attend all the BL-related conventions […]

Free! Location Hunting: Rin Overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Gaiz, as you know, I’m hooked on Kyoto Animation’s Free! So when a college friend who had plans to visit Sydney saw the end card of Free’s 11th episode, she immediately sent me a private message asking if we can go there. Now how am […]

History MMF: Manga and Memories

Whenever I submit proposals to my old university, professors will always ask me “Why historical manga?” The whole world believes that comics are just comics. They are a shallow form of entertainment that exists to amuse us and that in itself is not bad but […]

[801] And so the pr0n goes to….

So before I make the reveal on this, I first want to thank the following lovely ladies who replied to my call for BL Webcomics on time (meaning before 3 PM NY/Easter Time – 3 AM in Manila): Lamborg (@neuromantically),  Jocelyne Allen (@brainvsbook),  Melinda (@mbeasi),  Ellestrois (tumblr), Kimiko (@ShroudedDancer), Cathe/Tiny Taikodrum […]

[801] Hello. I am a Fujoshi. Today’s my day.

Fujoshi. Fujojo. There’s no denying that I am all of this. It’s already in my blood. I don’t think I can ever unsee life without fujoshi lenses and I must confess that my fujoshi vision has given me nothing but pleasure in life. Until, that […]

My Life in Manga

I think there are times when we dreamt of having lived in a manga. Erin F. posted on tumblr this funny post of two characters from Nana with a caption on how you should think twice on living in an Ai Yazawa manga. Just imagine […]

Will you read manga in Filipino?

Will you read manga in Filipino?

It’s been a long dream of mine to see manga widely distributed in the Philippines. In fact, if people asked what I would do if I won the lottery, I will say that I will establish a manga publishing firm in the Philippines. Not that […]

Survey: Have Filipinos embraced Otaku Culture?

Hello and here I am again with my strange studies. This time, I’m looking at the local community and try to understand what makes Philippine anime fandom. I realized that in order to address some issues on localization etc. in the Philippines, it’s best to […]

Five years after: A champloo of manga in the Philippines

Five years after: A champloo of manga in the Philippines

I just can’t believe that even five years later, I missed my own blog anniversary. AGAIN. OTL. WHY DOES LIFE HAVE TO MAKE ME SO BUSY!?! >A<)9  It’s been five years since I started this blog and while I had started this with the intention […]

Moyashimon Giveaway Winner!

Many thanks to the people who responded to Otaku Champloo’s Moyashimon giveaway and honestly all of you have lovely stories on how you came to learn about Japanese food through manga! In the end it was hard to choose but I suppose, even if his […]

A survey on readers of online English scanlations

This research began with an observation after some conversations with friends in a bookstore. Many of us admitted that we read scanlated material more than we would read licensed materials. And while we had strong opinions about scanlations, I wondered if this was common opinion […]