Free! Location Hunting: Rin Overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Gaiz, as you know, I’m hooked on Kyoto Animation’s Free! So when a college friend who had plans to visit Sydney saw the end card of Free’s 11th episode, she immediately sent me a private message asking if we can go there. Now how am […]

Those Nakamura Eyes

I have been terribly busy as of late due to school concerns but there’s this one mangaka that sets me at ease whenever I read her mangas. I love looking people’s eyes but I never really paid attention to them in manga. To me, most […]

If this is awesome, what can get more awesome than this?

I’ve been trying…. TRYING to restrain myself from oggling a little too much but I honestly can’t. Americans you guys are lucky folks for having Hagio Moto during Comic Con and I think the world is blessed to have more of her stories FINALLY printed […]

Live action film for Osamu Tezuka’s MW

AND TAMAKI HIROSHI IS ACTING!!! Yuecchi gave a twit of Tamaki Hiroshi in eyeglasses, but I was more surprised when it said that he is acting for MW! Wow. That’s cool. It’s probably one of his more serious roles. He probably can handle it, then […]